T.I.T Episode 2: The Journey

• New Intro jingle & Song: Get this Party Started by Shiley Bassey
• Welcome to episode 2
• Thanks for all the comments& encouragement thus far
• Last week of vacation and overcoming insomnia
• Not looking forward to going back to work
• I love Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts…”Charlie Wilson’s War.”
• Interesting side of an issue presented
• Why can’t more people see both sides of issues
• How did a country boy end up in Thailand
• Who is and how I met the professor March 1996
• When one night stands turn into relationships
• Lovers versus being best friends
• Knowing the end will come…or did I?
• The trial trip and final decision
• Blind leaps of Faith
• Still wasn’t enough in the end
• Why did I stay?
• Enough personal babble…
• Closing remarks and thanks again
• Closing Song: Temptation by Diana Krall

Always please feel free to email, message, question or comment and let me know how I’m doing. Thanks so much for all support and encouragement from everyone so far!

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T.I.T Episode 1: The beginning

• Intro Song: Sweet Home Alabama
• General Background Information on Tom in Thailand
• Living and working in Thailand…”what’s it like?”
• When does the exotic become common?
• Career stuff and being a Grad student
• Discovering Podcasting through a new Mac and my first podcasts by AJTigger….SBA
• What to do when you outgrow roaming the streets…blogging and now podcasting.
• Grand message or purpose?….probably not here!
• Things about me you might not know.
➢ Love B&W movies
➢ Forgetful to a fault
➢ Southern conservative upbringing
➢ I’m really a male version of Bridget Jones…nerdy, dorky, clumsy…yeah that’s me!
• Closing Song: One Night in Bangkok

So, that’s a start….please email, message, question or comment and let me know how my first Podcast went. Please be gentle! Thanks so much for all support and encouragement and I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

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A New Respect for My Podcasters…

Well, I’ve just spent to better of yesterday evening and all day today trying my very hardest to get the first episode of the T.O.T. Podcast created, uploaded, linked, CSS’ed, and RSS’ed correctly. I never realized how much time and effort goes into the whole process and I’ve really found a new respect for you guys that have managed to successfully get yourselves out there. I managed to get a 1st episode recorded after about 50 times of starting over, and it still managed to come out sounding terrible to me with sound cutting out, to loud, or just me sounding goofy. I signed up with an account at libsyn cause I know a lot of my favorite podcasters use them and managed to get the episode uploaded and deleted and then re-uploaded to them again .

So, there is a first episode of the Tom in Thailand Podcast floating around out there somewhere, but I’ve been trying all day today to link the podcast correctly to my blog page here without success. I’ve had to get up and walk away from the computer a few times out of frustration, as my anxiety levels started to go way up causing me to get more emotionally frustrated than I enjoy…hahaha! I even managed to get the podcast listed on the Itunes site, and if you go out and look it up on Itunes I think it should be there. At least it is for me when I check for it, anyways. However, either I have made a big mistake during the process or there is something wrong between libsyn and Itunes, because the first episode will not download from Itunes. Thus my desire several times today to throw my computer against the wall! <sigh>

Also, I was trying to correctly use the RSS in my CSS here to be able to download from my page here, and I guess I’m just not Meta clever enough to be able to create/add the right buttons to be able to link this page to my libsyn page. I never imagined it would be this difficult to undertake, but I guess that is one of the reasons why I’ve waited this long in order to attempt the transition from writing to speaking. Soooo….I guess I’ll just have to ask for help from you guys that have been at it for a while. Any advice? Any suggestions? I am open to any advice or suggestions and I can truly truly say any help would be appreciated. I’m going get away from the computer for a while now and watch some movies i think to de-stress and unwind my brain. So in closing….there is a Tom in Thailand episode one out there floating in cyberspace somewhere, but I unfortunately lack the clever mind to direct you toward the “Real Simple Syndication.” Hope to hear from you guys soon!

T.I.T. Video Blog 5: The Dark Knight and Shock Jocks….

Hey guys! So i went to see the new Batman movie last night, and it was such a great action/adventure film. I talk about the movie and also about this conservative asshole radio host I heard about on CNN this morning. You can check out who this guy is and if you scroll down the page you can see what he thinks of children with autism. I personally thought his comments were distasteful and disgusting! Anyways, have a watch and I hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by as always and will write or talk to you again in a day or so.

Crazy Monday Ramblings from Chilly Willy…

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night depending on where and when in the world this finds you. It is late on a Monday afternoon here in Bangkok and boy is it hot outside. Actually, It is “shtonking” hot outside, to quote a dear friend of mine who once resided here in Thailand till quite recently. I’ve just come in from a strangely un-exhilarating trip out to the gym, and I wanted to sit down to write out my thoughts for you guys. You know, It always seems like I have good ideas to write about when I’m out and about away from my computer, but then my mind goes blank the moment I sit down here to share.

Did everyone have a good weekend? I meant to do something productive over the past weekend, like get up early and go out to visit the local aquarium with my partner. However, we spent the entire day on Sunday on our sofa cuddled up watching season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy instead. I’ve recently started getting into the show Private Practice, and it sort of connected the dots for me. Anyway, I feel sort of guilty that we didn’t get out of the house and do something productive but we just couldn’t get motivated to pull ourselves off the couch. However, I guess that is what lazy Sundays are made, right?

I’ve decided to embrace my problem with insomnia and make the best of it since I’ve still got 2 weeks left on my vacation time. There were some really great comments that came in from you guys that made me feel better about staying up all night, and I wanted to let you know I really appreciate the encouragement. I’m going to try and use the time productively, as I’ve still got to sit down to write out the last chapter of my study for my graduate degree. I might as well use the time I’m awake to do just that so I can finally wrap it up and be done with it. However, I know it seems silly, but I’m just about burnt out with doing work for my studies after all this time. I feel bored and lazy at the same time, and I can tell you that it’s not a good combination. I can’t help but hear my Mom and Dad’s voices in my head calling me Chilly Willy. He was this really cute little cartoon character I watched growing up, who’s favorite line was “me no like work.” So, having a penchant for being lazy and bored when I have down time is sort of a bad personality trait I seem to have possessed for a long time. I feel bored with things, but I’m to lazy to get off my behind to change what I’m doing. Anyways, I don’t know why I felt like sharing that with you today, but just wanted to get it off my chest. Maybe I’m not the only Chilly Willy out there in the wide world? However, for everyone else I hope you are having a productive start to your week and I’ll be back again to talk to you soon.


Hey folks!  It is Friday here in the Big Mango just before Noon and I’m sitting here munching on some instant oatmeal and sipping my coffee.  It’s been really warm here in the capital this past week, or “stonking hot,” to borrow a phrase from a close friend.  Went to see Hellboy 2 last night at the local cinema up to road at Siam Paragon, and throughly enjoyed the film.  The film was directed by Guillermo del Toro who also directed Pan’s Labyrinth so the same style of fantasy creatures inhabit the shadow parts of our world.   I really enjoy his spin on fantasy as the classic fairy tales creatures we heard about growing up come to life with a menacing edge to them.  His artistic vision and touch is kind of dark, and after seeing 3 of his movies now I’m definitely a fan.  However, having said that, I’m a huge fantasy/sci-fiction from way back so i’m sure that has something to do with it as well.  I’m glad Hollywood has seemed to run out of original script ideas, cause I’m more than pleased with the amount of sci fi, fantasy and super hero movies that it keeps churning out.  Next up, I will be off to see the lastest Batman reincarnation with the late Heath Ledger starring as the Joker.

Anyways, enough of  my nerdy movie tastes right?  What i really wanted to sit here and talk to you about today is insomnia.  I’ve probably talked about it before, but I seem to get a case of severe insomnia with every single long holiday break that rolls around for me.  I go to bed later and later every night, until I’m stuck in a routine of going to bed around 4 AM and getting up at noon or 1 PM every single day.  It gradually happens over the course of about a week, until one night I look up and I’m sitting here surfing the net wide awake at 4 AM.  Then if i actively try to change the pattern I always fall into then I start to run into trouble.  I try setting the alarm for about 9 AM, but the sleep of the dead takes me when I finally do doze off to sleep in the wee hours of the morning and absolutely nothing can rouse me.  Also, If i try to go to bed earlier I just lay there staring into the darkness of my room, or counting the imperfections on the ceiling.  My mind races through a million random thoughts and sleep never comes no matter how much i toss and turn.  I’ve tried to lay there and clear my mind, but even the active thought of doing that keeps my mind occupied.  I’ve been like this since my early teens, and I guess I’ve no hope of being able to change it now.  However, I wonder if anyone else out there suffers from a similar problem?  Anyways, I just wanted to check in with you guys and share what I’ve been doing this week.  I should get a shower and attempt to have at least half a productive day here so I’ll get going.  I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead, and I’ll be back to post soon.  Much love to you from Bangkok and as always thanks so much for stopping by to read my rambles.

T.I.T. Video Blog 4: Monday People Watching….

Hi everyone! I am just in from running around the city and thought I’d sit down and record a video entry for you. Matthew over at Spanking Bea Arthur had said he wanted to see more video blogs, and so Tom aims to please….make sure you go visit him over there and visit him as well! I’m to tired or lazy to actually type something out, so I ended up rambling on for just over 10 minutes about my day at the dentist and watching other foreigners in the city make a scene whether they realized they were doing it or not. Oh, and before I go do any of you podcaster have any microphone recommendations? I looked at the Mac store here and the only ones they have are the big heavy expensive ones. What do you guys use? Anyways, have a watch if you are so inclined and will write again very soon! Much love from the Big Mango!

Mental Vacations…

Did everyone make it to their weekend in one piece?  I certainly hope you did and that you’re doing whatever you can do enjoy your weekend to the fullest.  I’m sitting here on a Saturday night, and I can hear the wind occasionally whistling and blowing through the big mango tree outside as I sit here and write to you.  I’m also occasionally looking up from the laptop to glance at the muted television in front of me.  Does anyone else out there leave the television on muted when they are home alone?  I sometimes do it for the illusion of  company it provides,and I’ve got it muted at the moment so I can concentrate better on talking to you.  I’m actually also waiting for my favorite Saturday night shows to come on, and the current bland reality show annoys me severely.  Anyways, enough about my peculiar personality traits, right?

Well, I’ve officially been on vacation for a week now, and my mind seems to have taken complete and full advantage of the opportunity.  It sort of feels like my body has been in auto-drive this past week going through the motions of daily obligations without much thought or feeling in my actions.  Anyway, I went to the dentist on Wednesday, and I’m proud to report that Tom is 100% cavity free. I actually have an almost phobic fear of dentists and the relief of having no cavities was tremendous.  The dentist and his 2 assistants did an excellent job of polishing and cleaning my teeth all for about 600 Baht, which is just under 20 bucks.   I doubt if the  dentist at home would even squirt you with  the  water tube for that much, right?

Then, speaking of back home, I made a trip down to the American Embassy on Friday.  I only had about 2 empty pages left in my passport, and so a trip down to the embassy to get some additional pages was in order.  I’m normally not a big fan of government interaction and their need for miles of red tape, but I must say that in this instance the U.S. government was quick and efficient.  I was able to print out and fill in the form online beforehand, and then on Friday I was in and out in under an hour.  Not only were the staff down there friendly and efficient, but the whole service was done free of charge.  They should pay me to do P.R. for them for this entry, huh?

However, one thing I always find interesting is the large number of Thai citizens that are always there lining up and making visa applications when I’ve visited the embassy.  They line up by the hundreds like you would see people lined up to enter a ride at Six Flags or Disney World.  All morning long for what I assume to be every day there are huge lines down at the American Embassy for a chance at the opportunity to cross the pacific to the country I call home for one reason or another.  This raised some difficult questions in my own mind, but I guess that’s the bad thing about long vacations or holidays in life.  You get to much time to think and critique the measure of your life when you are avoiding doing productive things with your time.  Well, I should go now and watch Family guy, so much love to you from Bangkok.  Thanks so very much for stopping by to have a read as always, and I will see ya soon.

Wanda just really sums it up…

I just saw this video clip on youtube and thought I had to share it with you guys. I hope you take a little time to have a watch and hope it makes you smile as much as it did for me.  It really burns me up how alot of the opponents to gay marriage go on and on about the so called “sanctity” of marriage, and how “we” have to protect the “sanctity” of marriage.  If that’s true then why aren’t these same people or groups of people standing outside of courthouses all over the US protesting the divorce rates in the country? Why aren’t they spending as much time protesting about drive-through wedding chapels in Los Vegas? How much “sanctity” could these marriages possess when an Elvis impersonator officiates the ceremony?  If you really really held marriage as the sanctified holy institution then where is the consistency?  I’m just tired of my civil rights being an issue for people that it doesn’t affect at all in any way.  I wish those that jump up and down to complain about the government exploring the possibility of providing every citizen with equal rights would just mind their own business. Anyways, enough of my on the soapbox so go enjoy the video clip and see ya soon!

Attetion Spans and Slasher Flicks…

So, It is Monday here on a very soggy rain soaked Bangkok afternoon and I thought I’d sit down and share a few lines for my readers today.  I finished up the last term at work last week, so the first day of my summer holiday has officially come.  I went to the gym today thinking I would attempt to start the holiday off right, but I went to my gym’s branch I hate with the locker room like a sardine can cause it is closer.  However, despite changing in a confined space, I did enjoy a productive session and even bumped into an old friend on the way out.

I was thinking about what I should write for you guys today and unfortunately I kept coming up with a blank.  I’ve just not been feeling that creative or chatty lately and I don’t want to bore you guys by writing just for writing’s sake.  However, I finally thought of a couple of things  I wanted to “put out there” for your consideration and see if I can get some comments back on the topics.  I’d like to get some feedback from you guys on my  blog as far as optimal length of a post. How far down do you read in a person’s blog before you start to get bored?  I have a couple of blogs I enjoy that only do a paragraph or so with each post, but I also enjoy some that go on like the chapters of a novel in progress.  So, what do you think?  What is to long or to short?  How long is the average attention span of an educated adult?  Just some food for thought, and I’d honestly appreciate your feedback and opinions.

Anyways, on to my second thought which is bound to be much more thought provoking.  My questions is…Why do people like gory, slasher type horror movies?  I absolutely hate them, and I’ve had this discussion with a very close friend many times.  We agree that we just can’t work out the mass appeal of blood and guts type works of film.  I made the huge mistake of accidentally sitting down and getting caught up in watching one a while back called Hostel cause one of the actors was quite cute.   It started out looking like one of those cheap 80’s “boobs and alcohol” teen flicks, but it went terrible wrong about half way through the film.  Suddenly, these silly backpacker kids are being abducted, slowly tortured, and cut up into bits all for your viewing pleasure.  I want to know what is the appeal behind seeing a fellow man or woman sadistically or slowly murdered and tortured?  I mean sure…If you are a disturbed serial killer or psychopath then the appeal is obvious, but what about the rest of you?  Now, I’m not that thick because I know that it isn’t real, and that it is all just a story…special effects….blah, blah, blah.  However, my question still stands.  Why would you enjoy a pretend version of a fellow human being being slowly, agonizingly, tortured to death?  I also would like to differentiate between slasher films and scary monster type horror.  I can see the enjoyment out of watching a scary ghost, monster, or evil alien type of film as some enjoy a good shock of adrenalin that comes with the scare.  However, I don’t include slasher films in with this genre.  I still want to know what is the appeal?  I know some of you guys out there enjoy movies like this, so I’m hoping someone can enlighten me.  Well, on that pleasant note, I’ll be off for now.  Hope you are enjoying the start of your week wherever ever you are and will talk to you again soon!