Hey folks!  It is Friday here in the Big Mango just before Noon and I’m sitting here munching on some instant oatmeal and sipping my coffee.  It’s been really warm here in the capital this past week, or “stonking hot,” to borrow a phrase from a close friend.  Went to see Hellboy 2 last night at the local cinema up to road at Siam Paragon, and throughly enjoyed the film.  The film was directed by Guillermo del Toro who also directed Pan’s Labyrinth so the same style of fantasy creatures inhabit the shadow parts of our world.   I really enjoy his spin on fantasy as the classic fairy tales creatures we heard about growing up come to life with a menacing edge to them.  His artistic vision and touch is kind of dark, and after seeing 3 of his movies now I’m definitely a fan.  However, having said that, I’m a huge fantasy/sci-fiction from way back so i’m sure that has something to do with it as well.  I’m glad Hollywood has seemed to run out of original script ideas, cause I’m more than pleased with the amount of sci fi, fantasy and super hero movies that it keeps churning out.  Next up, I will be off to see the lastest Batman reincarnation with the late Heath Ledger starring as the Joker.

Anyways, enough of  my nerdy movie tastes right?  What i really wanted to sit here and talk to you about today is insomnia.  I’ve probably talked about it before, but I seem to get a case of severe insomnia with every single long holiday break that rolls around for me.  I go to bed later and later every night, until I’m stuck in a routine of going to bed around 4 AM and getting up at noon or 1 PM every single day.  It gradually happens over the course of about a week, until one night I look up and I’m sitting here surfing the net wide awake at 4 AM.  Then if i actively try to change the pattern I always fall into then I start to run into trouble.  I try setting the alarm for about 9 AM, but the sleep of the dead takes me when I finally do doze off to sleep in the wee hours of the morning and absolutely nothing can rouse me.  Also, If i try to go to bed earlier I just lay there staring into the darkness of my room, or counting the imperfections on the ceiling.  My mind races through a million random thoughts and sleep never comes no matter how much i toss and turn.  I’ve tried to lay there and clear my mind, but even the active thought of doing that keeps my mind occupied.  I’ve been like this since my early teens, and I guess I’ve no hope of being able to change it now.  However, I wonder if anyone else out there suffers from a similar problem?  Anyways, I just wanted to check in with you guys and share what I’ve been doing this week.  I should get a shower and attempt to have at least half a productive day here so I’ll get going.  I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead, and I’ll be back to post soon.  Much love to you from Bangkok and as always thanks so much for stopping by to read my rambles.

6 responses to “Insomnia…

  1. I’m an insomniac too! Up like you till 3-4-5am, but then I wake up at about 8am. Still, I find the night a treasure, it’s very calming and productive as I am an artist and writer.
    I can’t get in bed till I am exhausted or my mind in racing like yours does. Don’t worry, unless you have to work at a certain time, then it’s a bummer! Just keep blogging, watch more movies. Don’t get hooked on the pills the pharmaceutical&medical industry want to shove down your throat. They would have everyone ‘Soma-ized’ if they could.
    Don’t nap, and don’t worry,
    Sleep is totally overrated!

  2. I have insomnia too sometimes, it really sucks :[. For me exercising a lot or going for a run in the afternoon helps me to fall asleep sooner. Also, if there are persistent thoughts that you keep thinking about, write them all down. This helps me because I feel like I can just put things out of my mind and think about them in the morning.

  3. thanks so much to you guys for your input and suggestions regarding my insomnia. Normally when I’m doing a full day’s work I’m off to bed between 12 and 1 AM….but i’m sure it will be 3 or 4 again for the next couple of weeks. Its true that i get my best productive ideas this late at night and I never thought about keeping a notebook of all the racing thoughts before…think i will start trying it. Great input from you both and loved the prints at your blog! Good stuff!

  4. Have you ever considered acupuncture for your insomnia? Acupuncture is a wonderful treatment for insomnia that people don’t often think about. I’ve helped a lot of people with insomnia. Often they fall asleep right then during treatment, but they almost always report getting to sleep faster and staying asleep through the night. You should look for a good acupuncturist in your area.

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