Frightening and Funny at the Same Time….

Happy Monday folks!  I entered into a political disussion with a very dear conservative member of my family over the weekend, and I ended up giving our conversation a lot of thought afterwords.  Thankfully, this dear family member finally seems a little disillusioned with the antics of politics and I was certainly grateful to hear a change of heart had finally started to take place.

However, this dear family member expressed to me that they liked Sarah Palin because she appears to be a good mother to her family, standing beside her children despite their shortcomings.  I’m not going to argue one way or the other about her abilities as a mother because I really think that in this situation it’s beside the point.  Mrs. Palin is not running for mother of the year, but as Jack Cafferty said one of the highest offices in the country.  Please take a little time and watch this video and then tell me honestly do you think this woman is intelligent enough to assume the second chair position to being commander in chief for one of the most influential countries in the world?  Again, I’d like to STRESS to any of my conservative readers that this isn’t a popularity contest she’s in or mother of they year….PLEASE give it some very deep consideration before you decide to back Mrs. Palin and the Republican party candidate this year.

Finally, I’ll close with another video because when I heard the Palin interview it immediately brought to mind another interview I heard relatively recently, and the similarity in the quality of answers is undeniable.  Honestly, could these two women possibly be related?  Anyways, hope everyone has a good week and will talk to you soon!

T.I.T Episode 11: What’s That Noise Darling?

Ok, I finally managed to get an episode 11 recorded tonight but not sure it will be one of my best.  I totally forgot to mention the “Designing Women,” clip at the beginning and the brilliant Obama clip I got from the Wanda Wisdom website.  Just love her!  Anyways, hope you guys manage to enjoy it and here are my shownotes:

•    Welcome, to episode 11
•    The rain has finally stopped, or so i thought!
•    Season changes near the equator
•    Tom has a cold….yuck!
•    Comments, emails, messages…
•    Laura and breast cancer
•    I have a new voicemail line thanks to Craig of the Royal Pains
•    My first official voicemail from the BGS show boys…just love them!
•    Please call and leave me a voice message!
•    Tom has big news in the family and his name is Aj
•    Uncle Tom?  Really?
•    Have you ever actually read the book?
•    Reflection on my baby brother being a Dad
•    The noise seems to always be next door
•    Noise pollution in Thailand
•    Inconsideration or ignorance?
•    The strangeness of the silence now
•    More political laughs here in Thailand
•    Just when you thought it couldn’t get funnier?
•    The hydra of politics in a developing Nation
•    Closing remarks and love

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Sorry for not Posting for a Bit….

Hey guys!

Well, I guess I need to apologize for not posting a podcast last weekend but I decided to buckle down on the paperwork to get my studies finished off.  I worked on the final draft of my thesis over the weekend and I’m most proud to say that i went to Grad school on Monday and turned in the final copy. ( I hope!)

However, I was unable to sit down and record a podcast as it takes several hours from start to finish but I promise you guys that I will record one this week.  If not before the end of the work week, then by Saturday absolutely for sure.  I know some of you guys out there miss me, so I thought I should write a little entry to let you know I care.  🙂  My loving critic reminded me the other day that i could at least sit down and write something if I don’t have time to sit down and record a podcast.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, Tom in Thailand now has an official U.S. based phone line where you can call in and leave me voice mails.  The voice mails that you guys leave will be sent directly to my email so I will receive them and I can play/respond to them on the show.  I have my dear sweet friend Craig over at the Royal Pains to thank for the voice mail number, so please make sure you guys go over to the Royal Pains and check them out.  I highly recommend them!

Well, I will close out here and wish everyone a super productive week ahead.  Much love from the big mango and I promise to talk to you guys again soon!

T.I.T Episode 10: Rain, Rain go Away!

•    Welcome, finally episode 10
•    When it rains it pours
•    It’s football season at home….I miss it!
•    Fashion faux pas on the sky train again
•    Comments, emails, messages…
•    Special shout to my new listeners!
•    Andrea, Laura, and Weegie
•    Remembering 9/11
•    Homeland Security woes…
•    Muay Thai or Kick Boxing
•    Must see place in Bangkok?
•    I finally got to see Mama Mia…
•    Going to the movies in Thailand vs. the US
•    Look, look….a farang!!!!
•    Being on the other side of racism
•    Tom’s take on the protests in Bangkok
•    Quick summary of what’s going on politically
•    The Prime Minister was brought down for what???
•    My partner’s take on Thai politics
•    How I met my partner
•    The advantages of internet dating
•    Closing remarks and love

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T.I.T. Video Blog 7: New Friends and Thai Protests…

Just a quick hi from me and an explanation/apology for not podcasting over the past weekend.  I got some new listener emails and comments I wanted to talk about a bit, and send a special thanks for you guys that sent them.  Also, If you’ve seen the policital turmoil going on in Thailand on the news then don’t worry about me…It is not going on anywhere near where I’m living and most of the protests thus far have been civil and not violent..mostly that is.  Anyway, have a watch and enjoy…will try and podcast again towards the middle of the week.