Moving is a Pain in the Ass…

I know that I said it in my last podcast, but I honestly don’t think there is anything else i can think of at the moment more stressful than moving.  However, I wanted to write a quick little entry for you guys while i’m sitting here at work, just so I don’t appear to have dropped out of sight for a couple of weeks…cause I just love you guys that much!

So, the partner and I have been moving carloads of stuff nightly for the past week and I’m amazed at the amount of stuff we still have yet to get moved.  We’re packing all the bits and pieces into plastic bins and carting them over to the new place on a nightly basis and I can’t tell you how exhausted we are.   I swear that it seems like we haven’t made a dent in the amount of stuff yet to move as the piles seem to be breeding when we leave the house.  Isn’t it interesting how the piles of “krap” we accumulate as time goes by only reveals itself when you actually have to get it all packed up and relocated to a new place.  However, I’ll quit bitching and tell you about the progress we’ve made thus far.

We, did get the air conditioners installed last Saturday but that wasn’t without a completely different set of problems that i’ll go into in my next podcast.  We also went out last night and purchased a water heater for the bathroom as Thai bathrooms don’t come equipped with hot running water…strange I know!  Tonight, I’ve got to go down to the Thai version of Ikea to look for some curtains for the new place cause I enjoy the prying eyes of nosy neighbors as much as the next guy.  Then we have a truck coming around over the weekend to move all the big stuff like the sofa, bed, wardrobe, and fridge.  Oy Vey!

Therefore, I promise to do my best to get a podcast out to you sweeties over the weekend, as I’ve got some really great audio comments from the listener feedback line I want to share with you guys.  I’ve got some super sweet fellow podcasters and I can’t wait for you guys to hear what they had to share!  Anyways, i suppose i better quit blogging at work and get back to it.  Much love from Bangkok as always and I swear you will be hearing from Tom soon!   Ciao!

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