A New Year…A New Direction…


Firstly, I hope everyone had a fun and fabulous New Year’s no matter where you happened to be when that big old ball dropped.  Also, I just wanted to write a quick blog entry to say “haaaaaay” to all my sweet friends and listeners from around the globe, and apologize since i didn’t get a chance to sit down over the weekend to bang out another episode of the podcast.  I’ve spent the better part of my last 3 weeks off struggling with some inner demons, and so I wasn’t really in the mood to podcast again till i sorted some stuff out in my head.  I’m really struggling with the direction of my life at the moment, as no matter how hard I work it never seems to get me very far or much better off from when i began.  Therefore, I decided to make some life changing decisions, which have totally consumed my thoughts up to this point in time here on a Sunday night…but tomorrow i have to go back to work, and that should clear the head a little.

I will do the first show of 2009 either Monday or Tuesday, so make sure and keep your ears open for it when it comes down the pipes, ok?  Personally, my New Years ended up sucking accidentally…..thanks for asking. 🙂  However i won’t go into detail as i’ll share it on the show….will be much funnier to tell it to you than write.  So, I’m off to bed  early after having 3 weeks off and I just know i’m going to toss and turn trying to force the brain to be quite.  Love ya my dear listeners and promise to talk at ya again early this week!


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