A Special Memorial to a Caring Man and Father…


I had the exhilarating experience to travel down to the southern hemisphere just over 2 years ago to the mighty continent of Australia.  I remember upon arriving how overwhelmed I was by the crisp fresh air and friendliness i received from the friendly folks I met there over my Christmas holiday in the land down under.  It was on that special holiday trip that I had the opportunity to celebrate a very special Christmas that year with my dear friend Damob and his family.  They were so very warm and welcoming to this transplanted southern boy, and I was soon was made to feel as part of the family.  I remember being impressed with the friendly nature of “Dad” and noticed immediately how the inquisitive nature him gave him that slight twinkle in his eyes.  He was very keen to know all there was to know about this newcomer from a place called Alabama half way around the planet and how I ended up with a distinctly Irish sounding last name.  We sat and chatted for the longest time and I kept noticing that mischievous  twinkle in his eyes, as it matched the same look I see so often when i look in the mirror.

Later, long after departing from the land of Oz, I remember that “Dad” would always make sure to ask about me every time he spoke to Damob…which I found to be immensely endearing each and every time I heard it.

Unfortunately the last year has been unkind to this gentleman my best friend calls Dad and this past weekend he passed on into the great hear after.  I was told that he went quietly and peacefully in his sleep, which is the kind of way to pass on we all hope for when that day comes.  I know that it is extremely cliche’ to say it, but I honestly think that the world will be a little bit less bright without my friend’s father no longer in it.  So, all my heart and warm thoughts go out to Damob and his family during this week.  Finally, I found this little clip on YouTube and I thought I’d share it here to honor his memory.  The part you should see starts about 3 minutes into the clip…take the time and see it….it’s worth it!  Love ya pet and hope your well!


One response to “A Special Memorial to a Caring Man and Father…

  1. Pet, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s been a week of farewell for Dad and he would have been so proud to receive that tribute from you. He may have met you once, but you were always in his thoughts. He was a giant of a man, in many ways, and his passing is a great loss to me and everyone whose lives he touched. I apologise for the late reply to this post, but know that I am so thankful to you for your thoughts and prayers. Love you pet. The podcasts are wonderful as always!

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