Soooo very sorry for my absence my dear listeners!!!


Hey boys and girls!  Yeeeeesssss! I’m still here alive and kicking for those of my lovely listeners that have sent me sweet comments and emails.  As you may already know, Tom started at his first new job in 6 years the week before last and I’ve been running high speed on a treadmill mentallly and physically from the start.  It is more than twice the work load in every way and I’ve basically got the bare essentials from the previous teacher to get me going, to get the class through the end of this term.  Soooo….I’ve been reading and planning, and planning and planning my little tail off trying to get ahead of myself.  However, this past weekend I finally managed to get ahead of the wave.

Its been a tough 2 weeks getting settled into a new routine, but things are starting to get better now as my mind has finally seemed to have kicked into gear.  You see, I formerly taught the same 1st grade class for the past 6 years and the lesson planning for the students was minimal at best.  The longer a teacher does a same level, year to year, they can fall back on previous lessons and successes, thereby making the job easier as you go along. Basically, Tom had gotten quite comfy and lazy and then the new school has kick started the old neurons in the brain once again to start planning anew after being dormant for so long.

Sooooo….that’s where i’ve been and why i’ve been a bit quite for a while.  I’ve got a short week this coming week cause of 2 holidays so will promise to put out a podcast for my lovely listeners soon.  I haven’t forgotten you and I’ve got soooooooo much to say once i can sit down and do a proper cast.  Love you guys and again i promise to be back on the airwaves soon!

2 responses to “Soooo very sorry for my absence my dear listeners!!!

  1. YAY! I thought we lost you in “the cave”. Hope you quickly become acclimated to your new job soon.

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