T.I.T. Podcast Episode 36: Go Ahead…As You Do!


•    Welcome to episode 36
•    Lots and lots of rain
•    The rainy season has come early
•    Global warming?
•    I’m not P.C. regarding global warming
•    What’s worse than waking at 6 AM?
•    Tom has never been a morning person
•    Mom used to wake me up with the vacum
•    My mind works better late at night
•    Tom’s first full time job was 3rd shift
•    Most people don’t seem to be night owls
•    Comments and emails
•    A little love from Zilla
•    Sometimes the accent still shows itself
•    I have another friend that strongly dislikes the British
•    Social anxiety
•    Wanting to be social vs. being uncomfortable
•    Old coping mechanisms
•    Alcohol eased the anxiety
•    Tom over did it one to many times
•    I say “As you Do!” instead of cursing at people
•    Picked it up from my dear sweet Ozzie friend
•    Closing remarks and love to my listeners!

**special thanks to Kiko over at Visitronix for the P.S.A.**

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3 responses to “T.I.T. Podcast Episode 36: Go Ahead…As You Do!

  1. Tom…You can come to L.A. anytime you want.

    I can really relate to working third shift. I have worked now in some hospital for the last 20 years. 13 of those years was third shift.

    From childhood I have always been nocturnal. My brain works much better at night. My nocturnal hours has caused strife in relationships.

    My mother would make me up by singing “Up and Adam” over and over until could not take it anymore.

    The new updated Garage Band is much better than its predecessor. Does not crash as much.

    I can relate when you spoke of “having to drink” to cope with high stress situations. I used crystal for the same reasons. I marveled in the way I could talk to complete strangers and gain attention relaxed and panic free. I used to wonder why I could not be that social and sober.

    Obviously I could do it.

    Great podcast Tom!


  2. hi tom

    i’m glad you were able to make a job change, since your previous job was obviously causing you distress.

    i’ve continued to listen even though you havent heard from me.

    its been a stressful couple of months for my partner and i. Thankfully, my partner and i continue to be employed. But we wound up having one of our cats die and then we both got sick in the midst of the swine flu hysteria.

    All i did was read about the swine flu on line one evening and the next morning i woke up with a sore throat. I had a cold that lasted a week but my partner wound up with some gall stones affecting her and so she will probably have to have her gall bladder removed and thankfully we do have health insurance

    so i’d say that there is an incredible amount of stress and anxiety in the culture here in the states right now. If you have a job, you are worried whether you will still have it next week, next month or next year. If you don’t have a job, your having to figure out your survival strategies. Then on top of all this comes the swine flu scare.

    I will have to say that I give President Obama a lot of credit for being able to convey a sense of calm and determined optiminism these past three months. It really pisses me off that the republicans are so determined to undermine him.

    about your comments about being in a british culture, I once lived in a spiritual community for about three years (true hippie flower child that I am) that was very british influenced since the guru was from India.

    So people used the word que (or is it queue) instead of line. We had tea breaks instead of coffe breaks. Schedule was pronounced sedule. Aluminum was al lew mini um. Trucks were lorrys and the hoods of cars were bonnets.

    However I loved the european nature of the commune culture. We had people from all over the world and i got to experience peoples various cultural traits.

    When I traveled to Thailand I enjoyed that aspect of meeting people from europe and australia. I was surprised at the number of German’s that I met in Phuket.

    So I’ll see you on Facebook. (I’m still relatively new to it all. I wound up signing into Facebook last fall in order to find out about an Obama fundraiser here in Portland. Then I discovered that my daughter and step daughter are regular users. I connected with someone I hadnt heard of since high school and then alot of my co workers are on facebook.)


  3. Greetings from a new listener in Alabama. I have been enjoying your podcast and your refreshing approach. I am a recent immigrant to the South from the West coast and have had a hard time adjusting to the culture here. I’m a nocturnal creature too so, I knew exactly what you meant about the pain of getting up early.

    I have listened to several of your podcasts recently and enjoyed them all. So, I’m still catching up with the earlier ones, and I apologize that this is not entirely about your most recent episode.

    Your wisdom about just not talking about religion and politics really clicked for me. I’ve heard that old saying for years but never really comprehended what good advice it is until now. Living somewhere that most people consider my political and spiritual philosophies to be “unChristian”, I finally understand why there is nothing to be gained from arguing. And it can be socially disastrous to violate that rule of thumb.

    I see no inconsistency in my beliefs about social justice, compared to Christ’s teachings. But, I do have a hard time imagining Him at home in a crowd of today’s conservative Christians. However, there just isn’t a constructive way to have that discussion with people whose minds are so set.

    I tried to email you but it was rejected as an invalid email address. I sent to : tominthai@gmail.com . Please email me, or say it in your next podcast, if there is a different address to use. Otherwise, I will keep listening to your lively and lovely podcast and being encouraged to know Alabama grew someone as reasonable and intellectually honest as Tom in Thailand.

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