You Know You’re From Alabama When..

Hey guys!  I came across this on the Facebooks, and can’t remember if I’ve shared it on here before.  Anyways, most, if not all, of these are 100% true.  Reading through the list made me laugh a bit and more than a little homesick, so I thought I’d share the list with you guys.  I hope everyone has had a good start to your week and as always…much love from this particular ‘Bama’ guy in Bangkok!


-You have a party or a barbeque whenever Alabama plays Auburn in football.

-You go to Gulf Shores every summer.

-You call the Atlanta Braves baseball team “us” like they’re actually from Alabama.

-You have family who would much rather visit Florida than California.

-You don’t “take”, you “carry” or “tote”… as in “You want me to carry you down to the 7-11?”

-A soft drink isn’t soda, cola, or pop, it’s Coke.

-You call it a “buggy” and not a shopping cart.

-You’ve said “fixin’ to,” “might could,” or “usetacould” during the last week.

-Someone you know has used a football schedule to plan their wedding date.

-You can properly pronounce Arab, Eufaula, Opelika, Loachapoka, Bayou La  Batre, and Oneonta.

-You know exactly what chitlins and mountain oysters are, and though you may not, you know someone who eats them anyway.

-You think that people who complain about the heat and humidity in other states are sissies.

-You aren’t surprised to find rental movies, groceries, ammunition and bait all in the same store.

-Asian food is always “CHINESE” regardless of the fact that it may actually be Korean or Japanese or Thai.

-People actually grow, eat, and like okra.

-Mamanem means the whole family. (“Are mamanem comin?”)

-You measure distance in minutes or hours.

-You’ve ever had to switch from “heat” to “A/C” in the same day.

-You know what “cow tipping” is.

-You know all four seasons: Almost summer, summer, still
summer, and Christmas.

-You know whether another Alabamian is from east, west, or middle Alabama as soon as they open their mouth.

-Visiting Wal-Mart is a favorite pastime.

-You know the difference between redneck, hillbilly, and southerner.

-You think everybody from the north has an accent.

-Y’all is a word.

-There is no such thing as tea.. it’s sweet tea.

-If a single snowflake falls, the town is paralyzed for three days, and it’s on all the channels as a news flash every 15 minutes for a week. All grocery stores will be sold out of milk, bread, bottled water, toilet paper, and beer. If there is a remote chance of snow, and if it does snow, people will be on the corner selling “I survived the blizzard” tee-shirts, not to mention the fact that all schools will close at the slightest possible chance of snow.

-Your directions include “when you see the Waffle House” or “turn on the dirt road.”

-You say “sir” and “ma’am” if there’s even a chance someone is even thiry seconds older than you and it is just the polite thing to do.

-The falling of one rain drop causes all drivers to immediately forget all traffic rules; so will daylight savings time, a girl applying eye shadow in the next car, or a flat tire three lanes over.

-There is nothing but country, gospel, or classic rock on the radio.

-A tornado warning siren or sever thunder storm is your signal to go out in the yard and look for a funnel.

-Almost everyone you know is Baptist or Methodist.

-A Mercedes Benz isn’t a status symbol. A Chevy Silverado Extended Bed Crew Cab is.

-You know everything goes better with Ranch dressing, especially hot wings.

-You learned how to shoot a gun before you learned how to multiply or in my case even read, write or spell.

-Krispy Kreme doughnuts are the only doughnuts that exist.

-You know at least one Bubba, and maybe a few guys named Bo.

-You don’t assume the car with the blinker light on is actually going to turn anytime in the near future.

You actually get these jokes and your friends do too.

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      • I don’t live in Alabama any more but I still use Roll Tide as a greeting. Especially if they are wearing an Auburn UT or any Florida items. I’ve used it as far away as Costa Rica 😀

      • I think the closest I came to getting creamed saying Roll Tide was in Home Depot, Mechanicsburg PA right after the 2012 shutout. I see an Aubie coming down the isle toward me with a big AUBURN t shirt on and I had an ALABAMA shirt on and when he was about 10′ away I managed to get his attention and said ROLL TIDE. I got a dirty look and a dirtier comment mixed with a snarl.

  1. You know a girl from Alabama is upper class if all of her tattoos are spelled correctly.

    You know she’s outta your league if one of the words in her tattoo sent you to the dictionary to check it.

  2. its so funny i have an ex boyfriend from arab when to the orthodontist in oneonta im from steele al about an hour north of birmingham. I love this site mostly because its in way degrading like some of them can be!!!

  3. There are two MAJOR errors in this list. All of my neighbors were Church of Christ (or colloquially known as C.o.C.), Baptist, or Methodists (which were basically heathens compared to the first two). You can’t leave the C.o.C. out.

    Perhaps even more importantly, it’s not all just Coke. There is also Sundrop.

  4. I am not from alabama…but i lived there for a couple of years…and i have to laugh because i still say Y’all and many of the other things said in this piece…i love it and loved Alabama…and have some goooood friends there” Roll Tide”….

    • We literally put Ranch on everything. It’s considered a crisis in my house if we’re out. We even did that throughout high school (it was the only way to make some of that food appetizing).

      • Ranch dressing on PIZZA! MMMMMMMMMMM. If you come to Bama and can’t find any…………It’s ’cause we ate it on EVERYTHING already!

    • It’s either Ranch or Ketchup.. Ranch on pizza, or buffalo wings. Lived in Alabama my whole life, but these “Traditions” seemed to have alluded me. I know some who fit this description, but a lot who do not. All in all I have to say there are a lot of good people in the south.. and the more south you go, the warmer they get. War Eagle all the way!

      • We live in Fort Payne, (northeast AL) and right now…we have 3 bottles of Ranch dressing, 2 bottles of ketchup & 2 jars of mayo in our “frigerater”. If the distance is not as far as ‘Minutes or Hours”, it’s “over yonder”. You go to “Walmarts” or “K-Marts”. The first thing you’re asked when moving to Alabama is “Where”r you from & who’r you kin or akin to?” You know where Lickskillet and Dogtown are (well, maybe not). The most desired meal is: Cornbread (or CORNPONE), skillet fried “TATERS”, pinto beans, turnip greens, with FATBACK, and SWEET TEA”. “FOLKS” you”ve never seen in your life wave. They say “HOWDY or HOWDY-DO”. You get “CUSSED OUT”, not cursed at. You know the shortest route ( ROWT) to the county line liquor store, & which one stays open latest. On Monday (“MUNDIE”.) “FOOT”~ I was “BORNED” and raised here & know what a man is talking about when he refers to a “WOMERN” in terms of “WHAT SHE’D DRESS OUT AT”. “CHIMLEES” are “BUILT OUT-UV RIVER ROCK”. Handbags are “POCKET-BOOKS”. We “FLIP on the lights”, and we “MASH A BUTTON” instead of “PRESSING” it. The dressiest clothes we own are saved for church, “GETTIN HITCHED” (weddings), funerals, and prom night. In our town, all 3 of these churches are lined up next to each other like peas in a pod: First Baptist, First Methodist and First Presbetyrian. I could write a book, but, “IF MY HEAD WASN’T SCREWED ON SRAIGHT, I’D FERGET IT.” ROFL

  5. This brought back such great memories. I miss Alabama, and can’t wait for summer when I get to spend a whole month there. And WAR EAGLE!

  6. I myself are from athens and I have to say that you left Church of Christ out , there are no methodists here, or however you spell it.

    • I think the Methodist thing applies more to the southern half of Alabama because we have a lot there, but I know there is a big C.o.C. population in the more northern cities.

      • We have a ton of Methodists here I the NE corner. My family ties come from Methodist or Baptist.

      • I live in Gallant (Northeast in Etowah County) and there are at least a Methodist or Baptist church in the 10 miles from the county line and highway 77. Most of them are Baptist. I am a Pentacostal, however I began my Christian life as a Methodist. I was raised, for the most part on Sand Mountain so I can officially speak two different languages – Southern English and Sand Mountain Twange.

      • I just said there are at least a Methodist or Baptist church in the 10 miles from the county line to highway 77. I meant to say there at least 10 Methodist or Baptist churches in that ten miles.

      • From 77 to 231 ( which is actually ST. Clair) about 14 miles total there are 8 on the main road and 10 total. 3 Methodist, 6 Baptist and what ever the church is arcoss from Clear Creek on the up on the hill.

    • I’m from Athens also and I’m Methodist. There are two large Methodist churches here in Athens. C o C is definitely Big up here in N AL though…more specifically Athens area!

      • Many people don’t realize that Mobile actually has the second biggest Catholic population in the South(not counting Florida. we all know that isn’t really the South. it’s transplanted Northeners.) 🙂

      • Amen-don’t forget TROY University. I can’t stop laughing at the comment about “mommandem”; I said it all the time. I lived in Bama for 33 yrs.-miss it too. I was from L.A. (lower Ala.), now I’m in FL. However, I still bleed Crimson Red-RTR!!!

    • Very true! In Bama no one asks what your religion is first.. they ask “who do you go for?” The top two religions are Alabama or Auburn, and if you’re not either one when you get here, you’ll be one when you leave.

      • Didn’t say that right. When I moved to Bama from Kissimmee in 7th grade a little kindergartner asked me ” who you gofer” I did not understand what he was saying. And then he asked “you gofer Auburn or Bama” I was still lost. It did take me long to understand what “gofer” meant.

  7. #1 reason i live in al…Cheese grits!

    #2 al is kmown for naming their kids bobby joe, bubba, joe dirt… Lol

  8. More important than Ranch, is white sauce! Also, If you know that you have to start the homemade ice cream before you start the grill or you will be drinking milkshakes.

    • I live in North Carolina now. And they don’t kno what white sauce is. It’s very depressing when your pregnant and all you want is some white sauce from Johnny’s BBQ in cullman!

  9. All of the above about Alabama is true! The one that blew me away when I moved there was “fixin to”. Go figure. LOL

    • OMG… I grew up in AL moved when I was 22 and every year for my B’day my Granny made Mater gravy with her home made biscuits with fried eggs and bacon. LOL every time I go home she makes this for me. I LOVE IT!!!

  10. love this, born and raised here in the (true) Heart of Alabama, the best county ever yes i’m talk’n ’bout Tuscaloosa, Alabama, ROLL TIDE ROLL is the way to say goodmorn’n, hello, how ya doin, and see ya later, i’ve met alot of people from other states, some love and some hate us, either way we will love our neighbors, sweet tea, good ol’ country food, and most of all OUR CRIMSON TIDE FOOTBALL SATURDAYS (those days are like holidays)

    • LOL. I work in a landscape business. The guys took my garden hose (as I call it). When I told them they better bring me my ‘garden hose’, no one knew what I was talking about. I started describing it. Guy said, ‘Oh. You mean the hosepipe’. (Alabamians don’t know what a spigot is either. They refer to it as a ‘Spickit’ (I didn’t know what THAT was).

  11. You know you’re from Alabama if you make “Krystal” plural as in I’ll meet y’all at Krystals after the movie and it’s considered proper etiquette to say War Eagle to even a stranger wearing an Auburn logo

  12. The reason girls in Alabama are always pregnant. It takes them too long to say quawiiiyat. Lol. I miss my state. War eagle.

  13. I lived in Alabama for 20 years and loved living there. Many of the expressions here are still in my vocabulary and I make no apologies for them. Those memories I have from the years spent there are high on my list of favorites. I was born in Tennessee and also lived in Miss. and those who haven’t experienced living in the South have missed “the good life”.

  14. Reminds me when I was a long distances operator for our local telephone company, I pick up an incoming call. They would looking for O N Toe, Al. (it took me several seconds to figure out they were trying to reach someone in Oneonta, Al..

    • I was on my way to work several years ago early in the A.M., had my CB Radio on and a trucker was asking directions on getting to BOSE, Alabama. Took me a little while to understand that he was trying to get to BOAZ, up Hwy 431 North thru Gadsden. He was just coming out of ANNISTON

      • My uncle (from Missouri) was heading towards us and needed more directions. Called and said he was in Koolman. Huh? Finally got enough information (Interstate exit, highway number) to figure out he was in Cullman (Koolman is German pronunciation). I had to explain pronunciations. LaFayette, LA is pronounced La fe ETTE, whereas LaFayette, AL is pronounced La FAY ette. Same spelling, different pronunciation.

      • And I actually heard a WALGREENS commercial giving the street address for the Anniston Store as being on KWINTURD AVE.( QUINTARD). That’s as bad as the ANNISTON STAR newspaper’s proofreaders( or lack of).

    • I lived in Hartselle AL for a couple of years. Someone asked me if I wanted “chocolate gravy”!? When they realized I never heard of it I was “the damn Yankee” again!! LoL
      Loved it there – Met some great people!

      • ^ Oh… And my names “dawn” – pronounced “down” in Alabama!
        I couldn’t take it so I officially went to using my initials “dj”.. 🙂

  15. I love that I get to say that I’m a home grown true country girl from sweet home. Tuscaloosa Alabama.. born and raised and my kids are now being raised here …. Wouldn’t want it any other way roll tide roll

  16. I’m old but I have to leave what I remember that was RC’s and Moon Pies… You would go to the neighborhood store and get the RC’s in a chest with Ice and the water that had melted from the ice… penny candy you could buy 2 to 3 pieces for a penny… Those were the good ole days and yes I still use Y’all ask any of my friends.. Fixing to.. Oh, Yes its great being from the south… Cheese Grits my was always grits with sugar…

  17. Gee, haw, whoa-back, saaah baby, sook heifer, soouie pig, are terms you will know if you have lived in the country in AL for 66 years the way I have. Well, 66 years as of Saturday the 14th!

  18. I spent some of summer in Montgomery with my aunt and uncle. They were both from Ga. but lived in Ala. for MANY years. They said yo for you and hep for help. They loved it there!

    • We live in Wetumpka. We live on a dirt road off of Redland Road (which is pronounced “Redlind” not “Red Land” BTW) I’m proud to live where my kids get holes in their jeans from climbing trees before they outgrow them. My kids were also appalled to find out that some tea is not sweet when we were traveling recently. I love living somewhere strangers look each other in the eye when they pass… & the smart ones say “Roll Tide!”

  19. I grew up in a different part of Alabama than the guy who made this list. Nevertheless, Alabama is my home state. I will point out the differences: 1. I don’t have a party on the Alabama/Auburn game every year because most years I am at the game and if I am not at the game (which has only happened 4 or 5 times in my life) I talk about how I should be at the game. 2. Ya’ll is a word where I come from. Y’all is a yankee misspelling of the word. Let me explain. When someone does something nice for you, you say, “Thank ya” (thank you). If it is more than one person you say, “Thank ya’ll” Ya is short for you, anyway maybe people make that mistake a lot. 3. Maybe 20 years ago we still had dirt roads, but I am not sure many places that still have that many dirt roads especially in a place big enough for a Waffle House. 4. I have never shot or owned a gun and I know many of my close friends that are the same way. Anyway, there are a few more, but I will leave it at that.

    • We have just about grown out of dirt roads, but there are maybe one or two in Etowah County. Our answer to dirt roads is a truck that sprays tar and a load of gravel running somewhere not to far behind. Needless to say these roads are not marked so most folks learn to drive down the middle and watch carefully for oncoming traffic.

  20. Your mother doesn’t take the cigarette out of her mouth when she tells the State Trooper to kiss her ass…

    • OMG!!! That makes me so homesick. I live in NC now and am forced to eat, sit down now, “Duke’s” mayonnaise!

      • I actually like Duke’s mayo and I’m from AL. I just moved from there to Colorado and get ask often “Is raspberry tea ok?” I think not!!!

    • You are driving down the road see the “Hot Now” sign and will break every driving (or traffic) rule trying to get back to the Krispy Kream for at least 1 dozen and some milk. Still to this day some of my favorite memories are of living in Tuscaloosa going to school, shopping at Bruno’s, scrounging up $1.99 for the 3 piece chicken special at Lee’s Chicken and hitting the Krispy Kream after leaving the Strip or worse leaving the CC at 4:00am. on a Sunday morning….oldies but goodies!”

      I say Ala, you Bama. ALABAMA, ALABMAMA.I say Roll, you say Tide. Roll Tide, Roll Tide ROLL!” Letss not forget the 2 old men who went to every AL game in the 80’s who always carried a stick with a roll of toilet tissue and a Tide (washing powder) box stuck on it and wore their houndstooth hats at every game.

  21. Born and brought up in Scottsboro AL, I’ve been in GA about a month now, and I do miss home. I must say, I have never seen nor been in traffic since moving to GA.. As far as the truck bit, my first vehicle that I owned was a ’95 dodge dakota that I nick named ‘The Shaggin’ Wagon’… I tell you what, I torn it up in that old truck… I drove pretty wild too! lol. Have a good one yall!

  22. I so loved this! And, they are all true. Born and raised in Bama. Live in NC now – ACC country. They get so mad when the SEC beats them!! I have 2 additions and they might have been mentioned before but, here goes:
    1) where “Roll Tide” or “War Eagle” is an acceptable greeting and everyone knows what you mean.
    2) there ain’t nothin’ like fried okra. or fresh creamed corn. particularly together.

  23. “You think that people who complain about the heat and humidity in other states are sissies.”
    I just moved from Dothan, AL (Southeast Alabama) last July to San Diego, CA.. This statement couldn’t be any truer..haha.

  24. I live in Ragland, AL and we only have one stop light (’cause its in front of the school), and a few dirt roads. The elementary, middle and high schools are all on the same piece of land. Only 2 gas stations and one grocery store, one greasy spoon diner, and a shiny new Dollar General!! But I wouldn’t bring my kids anywhere else, because our pastor is the bus driver, and I can leave my house unlocked for days without getting broke into. I don’t care if anyone thinks we are behind, backwards, or anything else but good happy folks. I don’t wanna be near any city full of psychos. I love my state, and I love my low property value, as well as the big river in front of me, and the woods all around me. You can’t trade peace of mind for anything. This is God’s country, the last little piece heaven left in this nation.

    • I was given 2 dobermans a long time ago. They were named Crimson and Bama! My brother, Bubba, has a dobie named Grand “Toreno” Sport, one named Bubba’s Paul “Bear” Bryant and one named Demon…instead of Little Shit cuz that’s what he is.
      My whole family are rednecks and proud of it!

  25. -A Mercedes Benz isn’t a status symbol. A Chevy Silverado Extended Bed Crew Cab is.
    SO TRUE! LoL!

  26. -A Mercedes Benz isn’t a status symbol. A Chevy Silverado Extended Bed Crew Cab is.
    So TRUE! LoL!

  27. Roll Tide!!!! I live in VA now this brought back great memories. One thing that was not mentioned, how you knew what county a person was from by the first two numbers on the license plate…

  28. Y’all is a contraction of You All used to refer to 2 or more folks as in “Thank Y’all for the chocolate gravy” aka Cocoa and Biscuits we had for breakfast. Born and raised in AL and this list is so true! Live in GA now but it’s a short drive to return home. There are still dirt roads in AL — found some near Geraldine, lake Guntersville and plenty in the NW corner of the state where it meets MS and TN. I remember my granddad letting me try to drive the car at 12 yrs old after church (CoC, coincidentally) one Sunday morning on just such a dirt road. Thankfully for the ones in the car it was only about 30 yards to their homeplace.

    • I LOVE it when I run across someone who knows what CHOCOLATE GRAVY is! Had that for “supper” tonight! LOL
      “Birthed” in AR, but blessed by God 2 have our home in ALABAMA! ROLL TIDE ROLL BABY!!!!!!!!!! Alabama gets in your blood, in your soul & every fiber of your being……. I couldn’t imagine living any where else even if we have “almost summer, summer, still summer & Christmas! We had to run the A/C up until a few days ago just to “dry out” the house! LOL

  29. Im from good ol’ Guntersville. All of this is so true and it makes me want to go back home. But you forgot that growing up on a mountain u know all the roads even at the end of the logging roads, u still know ur way down the mountain like the back of ur hand

  30. I wish these were jokes. They are all the truth. I’m a Bama girl and each one has a good bit of truth to it.

  31. When you go to church with your whole family, or you can walk out of your house in any direction and the next house is a relative!

    • Lol, don’t even know. Next door is my grandma and uncle, 5 minute walk down the street is my dad n step moms house, n like 2 minutes down the same road is my other uncles house with his old alpaca farm on my grandpa’s old farm, n some old cousins up the street 5 minutes. Know personally like half the people living in the surrounding area who ain’t fam.

  32. I grew up in Gardendale, a suburb of Birmingham. ALL facial tissues are called KLEENEX. ALL bathroom tissues are called TOILET PAPER. We still refer to a “landfield” as a “garbage dump.”
    Real banana “puddin” has homemade frosting made with real egg whites and not some imitation whipped topping. Alabamians love chicken and dressing and would never refer to it as STUFFING.
    I have a friend who calls everyone “Baby Girl” or “Baby Boy,” regardless of their age. My grandparents had a “Storm Pit” for safety in case of a tornado. Many churches still have “Dinner on the Ground.” I have a cousin who still says “Sup” instead of Sip.
    Ice cream is served in a cup or a cone and not a dish (as they say when I lived in Pittsburgh). Yankees also made fun of the way I pronounced oil. They use three syllables and call it o- e- ul.
    We say creamed potatoes instead of mashed potatoes.
    People in Alabama ask for “sweet milk” to differentiate from buttermilk.
    I cut the grass, not mow the lawn. I “wash clothes” while Yankess “do the laundry.”
    Many years ago, school was delayed so the cotton crop could be picked. School was resumed after the crop was done. I never eat turnip greens or collards without CORNBREAD, a slice of onion, a a little pepper sauce.
    Does anyone remember eating “tomato gray” for breakfast? Most men in Alabama still hold open a door for a lady to enter ahead.
    Alabamians are not afraid to pray at athletic events or in public restaurants.
    These are things I hold dear and close to my heart. I am proud to have been born and still live in Alabama.

  33. Where u have friends determined on their football team.
    Where almost EVERY teen has braces.
    Where u know exactly where everything and everybody lives, but never ever could name the street.
    Where u know what the ‘death trap of I-20′ is.
    Where ur 80 yr old neighbor is being nice and “weed eats” for ya.
    Schools r out for race weekend.
    Someone always knows someone who was or is famous.
    Where the day after the iron bowl the losing team is silent and packs all their Alabama junk for a year while the Auburn talk about how great the game is.(WAR EAgLE);)
    Where everybody has a nickname like chicken or something’ 2 do with food.
    Where u learn 2 drive a four wheeler at 5.
    Where u complain about the slow internet.
    Where they close schools for 1″ of snow.
    You have been to Bojangels.
    You have watched the Grizwald family movies 2837489493 times.
    Where Sunday school starts at exactly 9:45AM or it’s world crisis.
    everybody has eaten at Pineapple Willies.
    Where ur Grandmother’s medicine was wisky.
    Where u know what happens on Sunday at Mountain Top.
    All girls can throw a football.
    Where u get judged by what football sticker u got on ur truck.

    I’m glad I grew up in Alabamer.. WaR EAGLe!!!!:):):):)

  34. Back in 87 when I first went to basic training, I asked someone “what time is it fixin’ to be?” and they looked at me like I had done grown a second head or something. Grew up in Prattville. Roll Tide!

    • My husband’s family is from New York and boy do I get ragged about my accent and the things that I say. I’ve always said I need some washing powders, but oh no, I now have to say laundry detergent, soda instead of coke, instead of fried taters it’s fried potatoes. When I was growing up it was a coloring book and color, oh no! It’s crayons.

  35. I miss Bama so much I just moved to Houston after 15 years of being a bama raised girl and this is sooo tre. Krispy Kreme isnt even where I live now and axbys is wayyyy too far. T_T theyre trying to build a KK tho thankGod

  36. I was living in Northern CA managing apartments. I told my maintenance guy we needed to order more stove eyes….He never did understand what I meant until I put his hand on one…he said, Oh those are burners! Love ALABAMA…ROLL TIDE ROLL..that’s were my son and my money is!!

  37. So, as a childhood transplant and now lifelong Alabama resident, I want to point out an omission. Who could forget Alaga syrup, sorghum, sugar cane, pecan pie and a sweet tea! I recently traveled out of statefor business and found a place in Arlington, Virginia that actually served a decent glass of sweet tea…

    • NOT “buttery tasting spread or margarine! LOL I want to know what happened to “BAMA APPLE BUTTER”! 😦 I grew up on that, Bama Grape Jelly & Chocolate Gravy! YUM, YUM……….. It’s great to be Southern, but it’s even greater to be able to call ALABAMA home…. 🙂

      • I have lived in Birmingham for 25 years and I still make sure to get eye contact with any car I see here with a Choctaw County 15 as the first two digits in their license plate. I automatically assume that I have a connection with them, even if I do not recognize them. But most of the time I do!

  38. When it’s perfectly normal to go outside and cut your own switch to be punished with, girls can outshoot, outdrink and outcuss the men around them and still be considered a lady, everyone’s grandmother is/was addicted to bingo and other than inside a bar saying f$%k in the presence of a woman is frowned upon and may very well lead to a brawl to defend her honor. Even if she has a potty mouth herself (see above)

  39. From S.E. Alabama (the Wiregrass) I once drove to Enterprise from Fla with a co-worker from California.. 30 minutes after crossing the Bama St. Line and of course doing the “finger wave” to all the other drivers. He asked “How can you possibly know everybody we have passed ” ?

  40. From Fairhope originally, live in Florida now but one of the reasons we are in the house we’re in now is because of the Krispy Kreme just up the street.

    And we can correctly pronounce “pecan” pie.

    When we moved to New York a waitress in a restaurant asked my father if he wanted “pee-can” pie. He said “No, ma’am. Where I come from a pee-can is a slop jar.”

  41. I especially can relate to the snow, the wedding plans and the gun …my great-niece got her first bb gun for Christmas , she’s five 😉

  42. There’s no place better than Alabama…….great college football. Nascar, white sandy beaches, beautiful mountains to explore and the world’s best outdoor bar-b-ques and cookouts.
    Someone earlier was pronouncing Dothan, it’s pronounced Doe-than or nicknamed the Circle City.
    The wonders of fried chicken, fried okra, fried catfish and boiled peanuts. What else could you want from life?

  43. when you know what down yonder is, and mater gravy on homemade biscuits is. and the best football team is Bama. Roll Tide. directions is over yonder by the pecan tree you can’t miss it. boiled peanuts is a must if you find a vegetable stand beside the road. I live in Tennessee now, but miss Alabama. I am from Mobile. I still put Alabama football signs on my car. and have a deep southern accent.

  44. Was born and have lived in Alabama about 95% of my life. Hubby and I moved from Bham out to the country 15 years ago (and you couldn’t drag me back to the city). My biggest adjustment was understanding directions out here. Our dogs got out of the pen once soon after we moved here, and the lady at the propane place (we had just had a delivery) told me the driver spotted our dogs in the pasture across the road from “the old Smith place”. ??? Took quite a few more descriptions to figure out where the dogs were, even though they were only about 1/2 mile from us. Thanks to a wonderful neighbor next door (50 year resident either related to or grew up with almost everyone around here), I started learning the landmarks around here. So funny, because it didn’t take long before I was using those same type directions, even referring to “the old rental house” that burned down five years prior, or that I saw three deer by the fence where “____’s” trailer used to be. Long time residents knew exactly where I was talking about! Gotta love it!

  45. I was born n raised a Southern Belle Country Alabama Girl! I raised my Children the same way. I’ve moved to South Carolina but I’d rather be at Hmom in Alabama where my grown Children are. Once my ex-hubby friends were visiting from MICHIGAN and my Ex asked where his screwdriver was and I said ” over under out there on the windersill”. His friends burst out in laughter falling to the ground laughing so hard. I’VE BEEN TO ALOT OF PLACES IN MY 52yrs of life and everyone asks me where I’m from… I’m from Baldwin County Alabama where we have everything in life you could want in one State!!! ROLL TIDE N GO EAGLES… I’LL ALWAYS BE A Alabama Girl….

  46. You know you are from Alabama when your driving directions include turn at the “fork in the road, the big tree, at the church, or the dirt road”.

  47. You know you are from Alabama when you put on a coat in the morning, change to shorts mid-day, use your umbrella by dinner, then take a light jacket in the evening.

  48. “Bless your little heart” is a rarely a compliment.

    You schedule events around high school football games.

    To show no interest in the Iron Bowl is a sin.

    You thought everyone was Baptist.

    Seeing a “no shoes, no shirt, no service” sign is the norm.

    Everyone from the Middle East or India are Arabs.

    Every Hispanic or Latino is Mexican.

    Your home is not complete without a front porch and rocking chairs.

    Grits are a breakfast staple.

  49. “Bless your little heart” is a kind way of saying dumbass.

    You schedule events around high school football games.

    To show no interest in the Iron Bowl is a sin.

    You thought everyone was Baptist.

    Seeing a “no shoes, no shirt, no service” sign is the norm.

    Everyone from the Middle East or India are Arabs.

    Every Hispanic or Latino is Mexican.

    Your home is not complete without a front porch and rocking chairs.

    Grits are a breakfast staple.

  50. Alabama Translation Handbook

    Yo = your
    Mash = press or push
    Yessuh = yes, sir
    “Than a man on the moon” = slim chance of something being possible
    “Being fast” = a girl with unbecoming behavior
    “Being mannish” = a boy with unbecoming behavior
    “Great day in the morning” = “Oh my”
    “Who yo folks?” = Who are your relatives?
    Supper = the meal served between 3-6pm

  51. I was born and raised in Alabama. I grew up in the country where I learned to shoot a gun by 5, played football with the neighborhood boys( and girls), LOVE to go fishing and RC Cola and Moon Pies were the bomb… BTW War Eagle :). Also if the food aint fried it barely gets touched. Fried green maters are the best too!! LOL

  52. I’m from Opelika and it is mostly Methodist and Baptist. I’m glad someone finally mentioned fried green tomato’s. Did anyone else have a grandmother or great grandmother eat corn bread in buttermilk or was that just me?

  53. I asked my mom to pick me up a coke on her way home, she brought dr pepper…I really wanted coke, she thought I wanted dr pepper. Oh Alabama.

  54. I was born in a little hospital in Lafayette, lived in Opelika, Auburn. (War Eagle!!), & Ozark. I have been to the Peanut Festival & the Syrup Soppin. I have made biscuits with my granmomma standing on a chair in her kitchen in Union Springs, rolled Toomers Corner & sat on the tailgate of my dad’s truck on the 4th of July watching the fireworks. Taught to say ma’am & sir, to help the elderly get their groceries in the car, that our past doesn’t have to be our future, & everyone is precious in God’s eyes no matter their color. I recently moved to NC but Alabama will always be home.

  55. You forgot one:
    When you hear someone say “The hot water heater went out!” –you don’t heat hot water!

  56. Orange Crush in brown bottles, boiled peanuts, banana and peanut butter sandwiches and pecans on/in everything…

  57. And we wear a” to-boggin” on our heads….which actually means a sled. A Yankee corrected me on this. We should just say “boggin” on our noggin.

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