T.I.T. Episode 38: The PrideCast


  • Welcome to episode 38
  • Where has Tom been?
  • Having a cold in the tropics
  • The lost episode and vidcast
  • Tom’s personal life is about to dramatically shift
  • Not looking forward to moving
  • Life in rural Thailand
  • Getting a driver’s license, car, and new Visa
  • Ready to visit Australia
  • Lot’s of comments and emails
  • My first Pride parade
  • Pride in Thailand isn’t in June
  • Lack of adversity = lack of community
  • The commercial gay scene vs. mainstream gay Thailand
  • The stigma attached to dating a foreigner
  • Sticky rice bars and venomous queens
  • How can we ever achieve civil rights when we aren’t civil to each other
  • Why does it have to be this way?
  • Love between 2 people = marrying a goat?
  • All the hate really get’s to Tom…even from this distance
  • We’ve a long way to go!
  • Closing remarks and love to my listeners!

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2 responses to “T.I.T. Episode 38: The PrideCast

  1. OMG Tom when you were talking about moving to the “rural” part of Thailand I envisioned you coming to work each day on a rice boat.

    Sticky Rice…sounds like the queens here in West Hollywood. Kinda funny that here in the States oriental gay men are somewhat of a minority.

    Back when I was young and clubbing there was only one Los Angeles asian gay bar….Faces

    Ironically, Faces catered to white men who wanted to hook up with asian guys. Tom..you would of felt right at home in that bar.

    You know there are venomous queens all across the globe.

    I had to take a Prop-8 break. I was working myself up into a state. I had to Tigger’s anxiety pill…Seroquel. My shrink would never give me Xanax.

    Lucky you.

    Listen to my last podcast. I recap the Ron and Joe situation.

  2. I just listened to your latest podcast and your discussion about gay locals who are not prostitutes feeling embarrassed about being seen with foreigners in public resonated.

    I always tell my Caucasian friends that if they go to Asia and they meet local gay men who are very friendly (particularly in public), to always keep in mind that those people MAY expect remuneration at some point.

    It’s hard for them to understand that in local Asian gay cultures, a lot of local gay men look down on other gay men who date Caucasians. This stems partly from the fact that they don’t want to be identified with sex-for-pay boys.

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