T.I.T. Episode 39: And So It Goes…


•    Welcome to episode 39
•    Thanks for the Birthday wishes!
•    On turning 35…
•    Unpleasant Birthday news first thing in the morning!
•    Growing up with MJ in the background
•    Did you own parachute pants?  Thriller jacket?
•    Who knows what really happened…
•    My birthdays have toned down as I age
•    Tom doesn’t care for the Thai birthday tradition
•    High rise roof top dining in Bangkok
•    Lovely city from on high!
•    Saw the Transformers 2
•    Tom is a special effects junkie
•    Rude comments over on the Youtube
•    Anti-government conspiracy theories
•    Don’t tell me what happened, when I was there!!!
•    The latest bit of bad press for Thailand
•    Beware of those shops at the airport
•    British tourists got scammed for thousands
•    Corruption is beyond endemic here
•    The root of the problem is….see above!
•    One week to go till Summer Break
•    A sad day….Tom gets personal
•    We have been dreading this new chapter
•    600 dollars a month isn’t enough
•    Long distance relationships….
•    Is distance the same no matter how far?
•    Emails and comments from listeners
•    Love me some Tigger!

•    Closing remarks and love!

Email me at tominthai@gmail.com, please go Comment on my page or call my voice line and leave me a voice comment for the show!

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