Finally Starting to Get Settled…


Hiya folks!  Yeeessssss……Tom is alive and well living here in the countryside, and I thought it was high time for an update!  I’ve made the trek back and forth to Bangkok twice moving bits and pieces down here to my new accomodations…and i’m quite sad to report that I’m not exactly right on the beach! 🙂

The area is quite rural…with the most exciting thing to do in town is head off to the Tesco for a bit of shopping.  I think most of the foreigners that live in the area weekend elsewhere, which is fine with me as i guess I’ll be off to Bangkok every other weekend to keep my sanity with the occasional dose of civilization.  It’s quite a lonely life here i’d guess as my first impression, but i’m sure things will perk up a bit when the students come back this coming week.  That always seems to make the time pass more quickly.  So, till then my dear listeners/readers I’ll make every effort to get a podcast put together for you guys this coming week.  My internet isn’t exactly stable either, but if push comes to shove then I shall just record them and then upload them from school.  Much love to you and will be hearing from Tom in Thailand soon!

I Tell Youuuu…..Youuuu Know!!!!

Hi guys!  I trust everyone has had a wonderful week at work, and to ring in the weekend I thought I’d add this funny little video I’ve seen on Thai TV from time to time.  It is Issan (Northeast Thailand) music commonly known here as Luk tung but with a comical twist…see if you can listen close and hear the English bits of the song.  The list of place she goes through are all tourist venues in Thailand, and also when she says “I tell you know”….she means I’m telling you this so you will know about it.  There are cute little bits of Teng-lish sprinkled through out the video, and it makes me laugh every time i see it.  Soooo….I thought i’d share it with you peeps out there!  Have a great Friday guys and hopefully will speak to you over the weekend.  I’m off to scout the SouthEast tomorrow and inspect the house where I’ll be living!  Speak to ya soon!