T.I.T. Podcast Episode 43: Da New Hood…


  • I’m back…FINALLY an episode 43
  • No longer Tom in Bangkok
  • Where to start?
  • Coming back from Oz…
  • Babies on planes
  • Passing out at the airport
  • Can you hear yourself snore?
  • Arriving back in Bangkok
  • Tom’s life turns upside down
  • How routine is your life?
  • Getting the car….
  • Why I decided to rent…
  • Sort of got to pick my car off the lot
  • Busses in Thailand
  • 3 windows for the same town
  • Tom’s first visit to the school & new home
  • First impressions
  • GET me out of here!!!
  • Set out to drive back to Bangkok for 1st time
  • Wasn’t bad till I hit the city
  • Bumper to bumper
  • Road courtesy in Thailand=every man for himself
  • Packing like I’m going away to college
  • Lots of tears for Tom
  • New neighbors/new friends
  • Might have to make this 2 parts
  • Thanks for all the loving comments and emails
  • Tom podcasts because of you….
  • Closing remarks and love!

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4 responses to “T.I.T. Podcast Episode 43: Da New Hood…

  1. Are you AJ?
    Oh Please stop the AJ stuff.
    Not again..I am gonna shoot ya!
    You did it again!!
    What that was it?
    I thought you left Thailand all together..man I have no idea what is going on?

  2. Hey Zilla!! 🙂 Thanks and must be sure to remember 2 things:
    1-explain your intro, and sorry but i always forget…
    2-I’d never dare to try being Aj….Miss Aj is one of a kind!!!! However, it is common to hear “how you Duuurin?” in the South so i guess that’s why that popped up.

    Also, it was a huge struggle in my life over the past year about whether to stay or return home and after MUCH time and thinking, i decided to remain here. Has a lot to do with the good job i was offered here while i was thinking about it.

  3. Hi Tom,

    Not so much a comment on the podcast (oh, thanks for the podcast though… I’m glad you do them for us) but since I have also been a ESL and EFL teacher (though not in Thailand) I understand some of the “politics” shall we say involved in education. I was just thinking how you alluded to but not really delved deeply into such problems in your former post. Anyway, I guess you are familiar with the term “frenemy”? Well, do you listen to the NPR show This American Life? If not then you are in for an enormous awesome many many hours long treat. If you do then you have already heard this week’s podcast on the subject of frenemies. That was long winded. Sorry. Just thought you might like it, and here’s the direct link.

    [audio src="http://podcast.thisamericanlife.org/podcast/389.mp3" /]


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