The Road Less Traveled…


  • Welcome to episode 44
  • Country living is for the critters
  • Snakes, scorpions and spiders oh my!
  • Torrential rains of the Rainy season
  • Being near the beach should be fun?
  • Almost have a stable routine
  • The commute to Bangkok on the weekends
  • Things that go bump in the night
  • A scary/rude awakening last night
  • Tom get’s spooked easily anyway
  • Spring cleaning in September
  • New friends and unwanted advice
  • When your abroad…everyone has a story
  • Finding a little inner peace again
  • Big cities can make you mean and cold
  • Who I was and how I got here
  • Revisiting the past
  • Why I moved to Thailand
  • The professor and the Thai community in Alabama
  • My first visit
  • Alabama or abroad?
  • EXTREMELY difficult to adjust at first
  • My first “home” in Thailand
  • Adventure vs. anxiety
  • The big split….choices to make
  • Staying on in the big Mango
  • Time passes so quickly
  • 9 years later I’m still here
  • New adventure on the horizon
  • The Visa application process for my partner
  • Success and planning the trip home
  • Thanks for all the loving comments and emails
  • Tigger and Matthew the Power Gay
  • The Royal Pains
  • Closing remarks and love!

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5 responses to “The Road Less Traveled…

  1. Ok. Is it just me…. But this podcast seems to be a previou show. You open the podcast talking about watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies over the weekend. Am I going crazy, Tom?

  2. Hey Tiggz!
    Might be the same old problem with my feed over on the RPSN….sometimes it uploads an old show despite my putting the link to the new feed in the show notes. I’ll try and reset it…..The upload from the T.I.T. works though cause i just checked it. This show is a train wreck though…..I was ever so slightly intoxicated when i recorded it! 🙂

  3. I didn’t have any problems downloading the new show through I-Tunes.

    It was hilarious. Good thing I was stopped at lights (in my car) during certian parts or I would have surely had to pull over due to my own laughter and fear of crashing. I especially enjoyed the part about the airport security.

  4. Hi Tom!

    This podcast is the funniest ever!

    Guess the booze release all the inhibition in you huh?
    The “F” word you used in this podcast alone is more than all the podcast you did in the past, add up together.
    I’m glad that you did a recollection of your past in this podcast, since some of the old post are no longer available for downloads.

    Anyway, I will be looking forward to your next podcast and wish you and your partner all the best for this coming Christmas!

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