T.I.T. Podcast Episode 54: A City Under Seige

  • Welcome to episode 54
  • Bad news from the Land of Smiles
  • Red shirt protests turn violent
  • 20 dead and over 800 injured
  • Tear gas, molotov cocktails, rubber bullets, Bamboo clubs
  • Extreme violence from anti-government protestors
  • stolen riot gear and body snatching
  • They set up shop in my backyard on the 3rd
  • worst violence in high tourist areas
  • Khao San Road became a war zone
  • Tourist caught in the middle
  • Tom’s experience yesterday afternoon
  • situation started to look grim
  • BTS sky train shuts down for 1st time 10 years
  • Surprised at lack of coverage on CNN and BBC
  • Leaving the city Tuesday for Hong Kong
  • Always wanted to visit
  • Why do we buy Lonely Planet guide books?
  • Tourist sights i want to see…
  • Disney here i come….special thanks to Joe!!!
  • Computer crashed….AGAIN!
  • Why oh why didn’t I back up my files
  • shout out to Walter from Austria
  • How I podcast….
  • Moving to Pattaya update for Taylor
  • heart warming encouragement from Facebook
  • Rambling closing remarks and lurve for Joe!

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3 responses to “T.I.T. Podcast Episode 54: A City Under Seige

    • Hiya Zilla….good point and will try to explain. I did say in an earlier podcast that I sympathized with their plight as the gap between the rich and the poor here is enormous. A percentage of the “red shirts” just want change in their lives….they don’t want to be poor….they don’t want to work all day in the rice fields for pennies..and I have always thought this day would come when a certain segment of the population realized their lot in life just wasn’t enough.
      However, I don’t agree with the way they are going about it. They are damaging the country’s economy by the millions of dollars, as governments around the globe have warned (some have almost forbid) their citizens not to visit Thailand. This country relies very, very heavily on tourism to prop up the economy and closing the center (shopping malls, hotels, schools) of the biggest city in the country for weeks and weeks is really affecting the whole place badly. Not to mention the whole movement is being bankrolled by a telecom tycoon turned fugitive ex PM plus, the violence I’ve seen exhibited by their side doesn’t exactly help their cause either. So, when either side of this debate parades around in the streets every 2 years wanting to dissolve parliament and tear up the constitution it bothers me….no matter the color of the shirt they are wearing. 🙂

  1. Well said Tom… my thoughts entirely. I’m really concerned that the only folks that are going to get hurt in this battle are the poor and uneducated, enlisted as pawns to fight this epic battle waging behind the scenes in Thailand. It’s the story everywhere isn’t it? The little guy always takes it on the chin… Looking forward to your next podcast and a first hand update of what’s going on in Thailand…Now get down to Wireless road Tom! (just kidding!)

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