T.I.T. Podcast Episode 55: We Come in Peace!!!

  • Welcome to a very somber episode of the T.I.T. cast
  • First of all I’m Safe and a HUGE thanks for all the concern
  • Sadly to say….Tom was hugely mistaken
  • Thailand’s Darkest hour
  • The quite after the storm
  • On being speechless in the face of disaster
  • Arson and looting depicted on TV not random violence
  • Premeditated destruction
  • More like a cult than a political movement
  • Hundreds of I.D. cards found in sewers below former camp
  • Stockholm syndrome/indoctrination of hatred
  • Will try to collect some photos and put them up
  • So close to home yet so surreal…is this really happening?
  • Watching from afar and building paranoia
  • My “adventure” in getting back to Bangkok Friday the 21st
  • I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…Thai police are useless!
  • Bangkok owes the soldiers a great debt
  • Misrepresentation on CNN and BBC
  • Why not hire staff that speak Thai…understand the culture?
  • Not a battle between Rich and Poor!
  • Excellent blog article from a Thai that explains the situation
  • Huge arsenal of weapons found at the Temple next to the camp
  • Bad feeling that this is far from over…
  • The man behind the chaos
  • Spotted last Wed. traveling under different name in Paris!
  • Denials in English vs. feeding the flames in Thai
  • Leaders spent 2 months preaching hate
  • Many videos ordering followers to burn the city to the ground
  • Stores and shops in the area robbed and looted before burned
  • City still under curfew, but supposed to lift tomorrow evening
  • Property damaged extensively in my neighborhood
  • The Thai spirit is hard to beat
  • Voicemail from Sean that moved Tom to tears
  • heart warming encouragement from Facebook
  • Rambling closing remarks

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Thailand’s Darkest Hour…

Hey guys!  I know it has been ages, but I thought I should at least sit down and write a bit down tonight and share with you…at least in writing.  The tragic events have transpired on the past few weeks culminated today with the leaders of the protest/terrorist/cult surrendering to the security forces after holding the commercial heart of Bangkok hostage for the better part of 2 months.  The Thai army initiated a massive operation this morning to take back the area rolling over the makeshift barricades with armored personnel carriers.  They engaged the militant arm of the protesters and effectively pushed them back towards the heart of the staging area, where the leaders where finally apprehended and removed from the city entirely.  Then, to put it simply….the remaining protesters then divided up into two groups.  One group seemed relieved to be liberated and the government proceeded to enable them to return to their homes in the provinces.  However, the militant/terrorist side of the group went absolutely berserk with anger and proceeded to demolish, loot, destroy and torch EVERYTHING in the surrounding area.  Firefighters were prohibited from entering the area by armed gunmen and thusly some of the fires burned uncontrollably and raged far out of control.  I just came across an excellent up close video of Central World shopping, the 2nd biggest shopping center in Asia, center as the fires just started to get out of control and thought i would share them with you.  I find it personally disturbing as our condo is just a bit down the road from here, but the reports i’m getting is that our place there is safe….thus far.  Anyway, just wanted to check in with all you guys and let you know I’m safe.  I’m extremely thankful for the first time in many months that I’m miles away from Bangkok now, but my heart and prayers are definitely with everyone i know and love there in the Big Mango.  I”m going to try my best to get my thoughts together and sit down to do a proper podcast episode in the next couple of days and in closing, if you’ve a spare moment in your day….please say a little prayer for the wounded both in body and mind.  The healing process will take a long time.