T.I.T. Podcast Episode 57: No Cake This Year Please!

  • Welcome to episode 57
  • Yet another podcast from ‘Issarn’
  • The 9 hour journey to the NorthEast of Thailand
  • Avoiding the rain during Monsoon season
  • Being beyond tired just from sitting for hours
  • A post birthday show
  • Thanks sooooo much for all the well wishes!
  • Facebook is amazing
  • What did Tom do for his birthday?
  • Summer break as a gift this year
  • A 5-star cinema experience for Prince of Persia
  • A Bangkok must do!
  • Birthday dinner ‘faux pas’
  • Joined the gym….again!
  • Tom has just lost it….or at least that is how I feel!
  • a long struggle with the weight issues
  • on a lighter note….Pride month in the US
  • Pride in Thailand is in October
  • Tom and gay pride
  • Tom’s own coming out story
  • Coming out to my folks from abroad
  • Not an easy road, but better for it today
  • The World cup frenzy in Thailand
  • Tom doesn’t care for most sports
  • Soccer vs. football
  • World cup dispute prompts axe murder
  • The myth of the gentle Thai
  • Sudden intense outbursts of anger
  • Lack of self control and rules of war
  • Thai rules is about 20 vs. 1
  • If in doubt….always walk away!
  • Interesting discussion on the way to Issarn
  • Feeling more alien the longer I’m here
  • More intense outside of Bangkok
  • Integration not possible in Thailand
  • Why not move home??
  • Life would be easier if I were British or Australian
  • Life in purgatory
  • Making lemonade when life gives you limes!
  • Go check out Tigger’s new vidcasts
  • Check out Cocktails and Creampuffs!
  • Lurve to my listeners!
  • The usual rambling closing remarks

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3 responses to “T.I.T. Podcast Episode 57: No Cake This Year Please!

  1. hi tom….happy birthday…you suprised me by doing two podcasts recently…on feeling alien or a stranger in a strange land…i don’t think its entirely you and the thai culture. My mother was born in Japan and grew up in the States. She went to elementary and high school in San Francisco. She was bi lingual and could read and write in Japanese and English and despite her 76 years in the American culture, her core identity was Japanese. On the other hand, she hand no desire to go back to Japan, she knew that she would be out of place there as well.

    After ten years in Thailand, you may have reached that point that you will be a fish out of water no matter where you are.

    As to being queer, I thought your comments were poignant about being a second class citizen in the States and being accepted in your adopted home culture.

    As for myself I’ve been an outsider my entire life. In the states I’m always asked where am I from? Ironically the first time I experienced being assumed to be an American was in Thailand. This was at the time of 9 11 and people would say to me “we are so sorry for what has happened in your county”

  2. Hi Tom,

    I’ve been listening for over a year, and love your show. I first found out about it through the late Cuppatea with AJ. I think this is my first time to comment, except on Facebook. I spent most of my childhood in Alabama, so we probably have some common experiences.

    Happy late birthday!! I’m a Gemini, too. My birthday was on the 20th, and I celebrated at a Thai restaurant. If I had known about the Thai birthday song at the time, I would have requested it!


  3. Hiya Tom

    A belated happy birthday! Im sure we can find a suitable cake alternative (how about raddish cake)


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