T.I.T. Podcast Episode 59: Beware of Pink Bears!

  • Welcome to episode 59
  • Rain, rain and more rain
  • Afternoon rains like clockwork
  • this much rain and still not handle traffic??
  • 2 accidents in a row in the way home in the rain today
  • 2 weeks and counting…..
  • feeling a tad bored now
  • Tom and the comfort of routines
  • A fabulous new place will help
  • Pics posted online already, so go be jealous!
  • Will miss Bangkok when I leave again
  • Safe to finally spill the beans
  • Tom’s LONG ordeal with a former employer
  • Being between a rock and a hard place
  • Where’s the money gone?
  • Didn’t realize power bills were paid 3 times a month
  • The magic cup game with thousands of dollars
  • Tom’s conscious got the best of him
  • Deep depression at the time worsened by the mugging
  • Begging for compensation for services rendered
  • Employee salary vs. new cars, new branches, and overseas tuition
  • Using our good nature against us
  • When does helping you become using me?
  • Strike? And counter threats…
  • The system isn’t set up to help employees
  • Tom needed the Visa to stay
  • A sliver of hope finally presents itself
  • Tom chooses to bow out quietly
  • Darkest days behind me now…..i hope
  • A lovely email from my listener Rod down on the Gold Coast
  • Podcasts and music
  • Comment from Jens….Hey Jens!
  • Check me on the Facebooks!!!
  • Lurve to all my listeners!
  • The usual rambling closing remarks

today’s TIT musical selection:

“That Don’t Impress Me Much – Shania Twain”

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4 responses to “T.I.T. Podcast Episode 59: Beware of Pink Bears!

  1. Ahhh ok…..makes sense now Mark! 🙂 And definitely looks like a tasty bit of yummy. I’d like the fried version of it i think…will have to check that out next time i’m down towards Malaysia!

  2. So if you lose your job you have to leave the country in 24 hours?
    That owner was just playin you like a fiddle…that sucked.
    Keep dry!

  3. Hi Tom!

    Yes, I did listen a long time without commenting! I’m finally not monogamous with Tiggercast anymore! Shhhh! 😉

    You had asked if the Thai food I ate on my birthday was pricey. In my opinion, yes!!! My meal was $12, and the portion was small. It was my favorite, pad kra prao…I wonder if it’s very different from how it would actually taste in Thailand? I love how you were saying Thai small talk centers around food…sounds like a good topic to me!

    Wow, what a crazy story about that low-down, shady headmistress. She reminds me of that evil lady professor from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

    Talk to you later,

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