Don’t worry….Tom’s still kicking!

Hello out there to all my lovely listeners!  I’ve gotten a number of emails from you guys, so i thought it easier to just do a general post and check in here to say I’m still here.  I apologize to you for not doing any podcasts for about a month, but the workload at school has doubled this year and Tom’s just literally been swamped.  Not to mention the fact that I’ve just had a really severe run of bad luck this month, and I find myself praying on a daily basis that the bad luck has run it’s course.  However, the string of unfortunate incidents should definitely make for an interesting podcast once i get myself back on the air.

I’m starting to adjust to the workload, so I’ve got it in my mind to sit down later this week and do a podcast for you guys so please stay tuned.  Again, i sincerely appreciate all the support and emails!  Talk to you soon!