How Long is Temporary?

Helloooooooooooo!  Anyone still out there?  Given up on the Tom in Thailand?  I sincerely hope not, but I wouldn’t blame you considering the months…yes i realize it’s been months…..since you’ve heard even a peep from me.  Several of you guys have made the effort to send along email of concern and support over the past few months and I really want to thank you for thinking of me and for your caring support in my absence.

A lot has happened since i last talked to you guys in October, and I’ve come quite close to going into the Libsyn a few times to delete the account…..but have never been able to bring myself to go through with it just yet.  I’ve still got a voice….and i’ve still got things to say i guess, so I wanted to sit down today and say that the T.I.T. podcast is not gone away just yet.  The absence is just temporary, and I will do my best to explain the long absence when i sit down over the next few days to clear the cobwebs and dust from the studio.  🙂

Again, thanks for all the support and much love as always from Thailand!

2 responses to “How Long is Temporary?

  1. Hi Tom,

    Good to see your comments…I just got back from a month in Thailand with my family. I had a great time traveling around and spending lots of time in Bangkok. I was thinking about you while I was there…”I wonder where Tom is right now”, that type of thing…I even entertained contacting you to have a beer, wine, what have you, but I’m much too shy for that type of thing normally and well it seems like I’m always busy there (in a good way)…at any rate, glad to see your post, hope you do have more TIT podcasts left in you…I really enjoy your view into the LOS…hope to hear your podcast soon…Sean

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