TIT Podcast 62: Pattaya….A Second Look…

  • Welcome to episode 62
  • The usual hellos
  • Hello LM and thanks for the comment
  • A niece and a nephew in the same week
  • Tom’s not usually fond of babies but…
  • On spring break…yes again!
  • Teacher perks vs. cons
  • Relieved I’m a Teacher abroad
  • GOP going after teachers state by state
  • Surely there are better ways to cut spending??
  • Back in Issan yet again
  • Friendlier folks upcountry
  • Genuine smiles vs. Bkk Botox
  • Big cartoon eyes = disturbing fashion trend?
  • Amusing people watching in the big city
  • Speaking of people
  • TIT get’s a first “shame, shame, shame”
  • Every southerner needs a Julia Sugarbaker!
  • If I don’t care for something does that equal judgment?
  • Other things Tom doesn’t care for…
  • Tom expands on “yucky”
  • Vocabulary degradation and 5-year-olds!
  • Why I podcast….
  • A second look at Pattaya
  • Huge concentration of excellent restaurants
  • Foreigner friendly environment
  • Easy going and relaxed community
  • Some of the finest “attractions” in Thailand
  • Siracha Tigers, Koh Larn, Khao Keaw Zoo to name a few…
  • Huge community of retired western men
  • Prostitution more open than other parts of Thailand
  • Sweeping generalizations to say Thais don’t judge
  • Why my partner doesn’t visit…
  • Tom’s take on the world’s oldest profession
  • Age and love
  • Just because it’s not for me….
  • Carpe Diem my friends…because why not!
  • Much Love and ramblings to close

Music on today’s show:

Go Eat Worms– Soundtrack of How to Eat Fried Worms

Only Girl (In the World) – Rihanna

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