Bangkok from Dusk to Dawn…

Posted this amazing piece of Video over on the Facebooks, but I like it so much I thought I’d post it here as well. I think Florian Böhm, the creator the video, is an expat here in Bangkok as well.  Have a look for now, and Tom has a podcast brewing in the kettle…..will be recording later today babies! 😉

TIT Podcast 64: Behind the Thai Smiles…

  • Welcome to episode 64
  • Told you I’d do better
  • A few relaxing days in Issarn  (N.E. Thailand)
  • Never try to out drink your father in law
  • Tom’s beer of choice in Thailand
  • Not a fan of bitter beer
  • A 500 vs. 50 baht meal…
  • Guess which one was is better??
  • Flying around Thailand on a budget
  • Things to be aware of…
  • Tom LOVES questions from listeners
  • Shout out to Paul J
  • American vs. Thai culture
  • Drawing from experience
  • The 2 things you need to know
  • Saving face and Kreng Jai
  • These to aspects of culture affect everything
  • Every day life and saving face
  • Nothing is more important to Thais
  • Saving face will drive you insane….trust me!
  • The downfall of most expats…
  • Arrogance on steroids
  • Never saying sorry
  • Kreng Jai = being super considerate to others
  • Going out of your way not to make someone lose face
  • Inconveniencing yourself
  • not saying anything and smiling
  • smiling isn’t always happy
  • LEARN to read the smiles
  • Deference to elders = not questioning them
  • “Pee” older and “Nong” younger
  • Age defines social relationships
  • Younger NEVER questions older
  • Referring to yourself in the 3rd person
  • Tom’s 1st experience with culture differences
  • It will drive you crazy if you let it
  • Learning to let things go…take it easy
  • Listener lurve on the facebooks!
  • Thanks for hanging in there
  • Closing out with an Issarn special
  • One of my favorite Thai songs
  • Look Tung or Thai country music
  • The song is about a Thai country girl
  • Doesn’t like her name….It’s country sounding!
  • Have a great week babies!

Music on today’s show:
Khun-Lum-Yai – Looknok Supaporn

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TIT Podcast 63: Moving On Up!!!

(sorry for the poor sound quality….it’s been to long i guess)

  • Welcome to episode 63
  • Looooong over do for a new TIT cast
  • Rebooting my life
  • Difficult to know where to start it’s been so long…
  • The joys of moving
  • To buy or not to buy??
  • It’s been a long 2 years
  • Reflecting on rural Thai life
  • And I thought we were laid back in the American South
  • Bangkok vs. Thailand….2 completely different worlds
  • Thailand elects 1st female Prime Minister….
  • Want to be PM?  Just start riots and burn down a few buildings
  • Going home and then GOING HOME
  • Long plane rides aren’t Tom’s favorite thing
  • Trading the Big Mango for the Big Apple
  • NYC  never fails to disappoint
  • Thai consulate and Visa matters
  • What to do in NY…..Ya gotta see a Broadway show!
  • Wicked….just wow!
  • Onwards to Bama and the kin folk
  • Babies and fireworks
  • Summer Time in Alabama=Thailand hot
  • Back to Bangkok for good
  • The Big city inspires TIT
  • Off to spend Thai Mother’s Day in Udon Thani with the in-laws
  • Really want to get the podcast going regularly again
  • Check me out on the Facebook!!!
  • Lurve to my listeners!
  • Big thanks to Ernest for a lovely dinner 🙂
  • The usual rambling closing remarks

Music on today’s show:

Movin’ On Up –  Ja’net Dubois and Oren Waters for Jefferson’s Intro.
For Good – Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth in Wicked

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