About Tom in Thailand

Right…where to start? Well, I’m an American expat currently living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m very far from home as I grew up in the state of Alabama in the US. Now, before you even start to wonder…yes, I do have a bit of an accent, but over the years of living abroad it has changed from syrupy sweetness you usually hear when a southerner from the US opens their mouth. I left Alabama behind and have made my home in Bangkok for 12 years. My professional career is in education, and perhaps will go into that more in depth as time goes by. While living in Bangkok, I also have had the pleasure (rolling my eyes) of attending graduate school at an International University but i seriously don’t recommend it!  Sooooo, my life usually keeps me on the go more than I really want. What free time I have I like to spend having a laugh with friends, relaxing at home, or i guess now trying my hand at podcasting. I’m not really sure if I’ve got some grand message to get out there per say, but i thought this might be a good way to have a creative outlet outside of making paper bag puppets with 5 and 6 year olds.  So, I’m always open to new friends both near and far, so please add, message, or comment and I will look forward to getting to know you!

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”  Oscar Wilde

28 responses to “About Tom in Thailand

  1. Hey Tom, I am Markie… I am Canadian from Vancouver, and I am teaching / living in Trang, some 800 Kms south of you in BKK.

    I saw your profile on Tagged and thought I would just say hello.

    Gay-life in Trang is almost non-existant, but have grown to love this town; not sure why, but I do. Sometimes frustrating when it comes to ‘wanting’… you know !
    Anyway, hope you are well, and perhaps one day our paths will cross…

    (by the way, I am white, 40, blond/blue eyed / 5’7″ / 70Kgs / non-smoker / love to laugh, have beers / people watch / dance / live !

    see ya…

  2. Thanks for the fun! I love them. Did you hear that they will now sign a contract with RS Promotion, the record company?
    If you want 1 more Thai friend, let me know.

  3. Tom, you have a great blog site. Just starting to look at your archived posts. Looking forward to reading your other insights.

    Found your site after a friend sent an email with the Dream Gays video! Love these boys — fierce!

    Enjoy your life in Thailand. There are quite a few of us who would love to be doing the same. Maybe you can write a post on some tips for working and/or seeking jobs in BKK, how you landed there, etc.

    Khob khun,
    Dean in LA

  4. Very disappointed in Tom’s most recent podcast comments regarding Pattaya, prostitution, Russians and retirees. Why ? JUDGMENTAL, JUDGMENTAL, JUDGMENTAL. Thailand is the LOS because Thais don’t judge; instead, they treat everyone (including falangs) with respect. Obviously, there’s a lot of “colorful” activity in Pattaya (gays, transgenders, male prostitutes, female prostitutes, young prostitutes with old customers, sex shows, and then there are: the Russians, the French, on, and on and on, etc).

    This episode sounded like a Bible Belt sermon condemning “ungodly” behaviour and people from different countries….

    Shame on you Tom. Next time, think twice before you judge. IMHO, you took a huge maturity step backward……and showed a very nasty to us all.

    By the way, “60 year old man and 20ish year old woman” did you stop to talk to them ? Ask them if they are happy ? No, no you didn’t…. instead you make a huge judgment and announce on your podcast “yukkie”. Tom turns up his nose. Thank you Tom. Very big of you. I have many friends (my babies) that are in this situation. I can assure you that the 20ish year old has done very well for her parents up in Isaan. They are truly being taken care of. This is one of Thailand’s amazing win-wins. Everyone is happy…but you.

    Question –
    Next time you are in public with your Partner, think about how you’d feel if someone made a podcast about the two “yukkie” gays ? I hope you’d agree, it would be a stupid, judgmental thing to do.

    Tom, get your head screwed on straight and think before you judge.

  5. About the previous commenter. You are a listener of a personal journal podcast. It’s about a person sharing their life, which includes their positives and negatives. Listeners are nice, and Tom goes out of his way to treat his with respect by acknowledging them. He doesn’t even have to do this. This podcast is more for him than you. He podcasts for the catharsis.

    Tom doesn’t podcast to be the next great entertainer or new persona that is required to tow the line on ideals and such.

    Just because he is gay means nothing. Gays can be just as flawed as anyone else in this world. He is not a walking stereotype like Will, Grace, Jack, or Karen. Ugh…strange that a straight man lectures him about how he should be. Typical straight controlling crap. Now…see my flaw. If you listened to my podcast you would find I am not particularly concerned with straight people, and their lives. The same goes for my listeners. If they don’t like what I got to say…suck it.

    As far Tom getting his head screwed on straight…how about you suck a little cock to be in his shoes.


    To my dear friend Tom,

    Remember you podcast for yourself. Yes an audience is nice, but it’s your life you are sharing. They are lucky you put yourself out there like you do. It is a catharsis for you. What anyone thinks is irrelevant in the course of things. Delete the comment. It’s a privelege that you even have comments open on your site!

    The Freak Geek

  6. สวัสดีทอม,

    I was truly moved by your reaction to my comments. By way of background, “Tim” is this guy who has listened to every one of your Podcasts and really loves and appreciates each one. Truth is.. I have always felt you…..the feelings you express…..this wonderful person who shares his personal life/feeling. I love you for what you’re doing; YOU are somebody I think about, care about, worry about (your ATM crisis) and want to stay connected to you. You are my voice of Thailand when I am stuck here in California….. I may be nobody to you….but you matter very much to me. It’s weird, I guess I am this anonymous listener…. Am I the only one here in Cyberspace ?
    OK, so let me respond to your podcast…..here goes:
    1. I am a bi guy from California (first experiences in พัทยา)
    2. I didn’t mean to be “nasty/rude”….I was simply reacting to what “I” thought was “Pattaya Bashing”. I am very protective of Pattaya simply because my life changed for the better….
    3. Yes, your journal is Personal…but Tom….you’ve posted in a Public Domain….which is a good/bad thing. Good thing is….so many people care about you and listen to you. Bad thing is….guys like Tim “might” accidentally drop a “bombshell” on Tom. Ouch, I am sorry…I did not mean to upset or hurt you.
    4. Thank you for re-considering your comments regarding Pattaya and saying something positive. I agree that prostitution is in your face….but in some ways….why hide ? Right ? ******* It’s only sex anyways 🙂 ***** Sex is good. Period. (yikes, guess the Bible Belt brigade will not be happy…..)
    5. I agree with your comment about Thais. Yes, Thais can be judgmental in many/more ways than us white folks….. I guess I am tired of hiding what I want and who I am. Or to put it bluntly, I don’t give a crap about the Judeo-Christian values…..or anybody imposing their views about what is “right and wrong”. Maybe that’s why I like Pattaya ? It’s my Disney…. I guess my comments about the Thais relate to their constant effort to keep harmony ไม่เป็นไร
    6. I understand and agree with you regarding Potato Salad, Sour Kraut and my Dad’s Old Spice. I’m sure you would differ with many of my comments if I put them in a podcast…..

    Tom, very sorry if I hurt you. I didn’t mean to. I love you for what you are doing. My comments were not intended to attack you…. I was simply defending the bad name that my 2nd home/life has acquired over the years……

    Love and apologies,


  7. Thank you for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do some research on this. We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more clear from this post. I’m very glad to see such wonderful information being shared freely out there.

  8. Hi!
    I’m from Alabama as well and just read your “You Might be From Alabama When….” post and I could NOT agree more. By far one of the most accurate post I have ever seen. Good luck in Bangkok, I’ll be studying in Europe in the Fall actually…should be an adventure!

  9. Hey Tom! Just started reading your blog. I am former Alabamian as well and Auburn Alum. I’m heading to thailand for 3 weeks on Thursday. Any advice on places to see? I’m going to Bangkok, Chang Mai, and Ko Samui. I’d appreciate any ideas!! Thank you!

    • Hi Jill! Thanks for the question and will sit down and write you out some suggestions a little later in the week, when i have a few moments to put some thoughts down about “must see” things here.

  10. Hi Tom, I’m Jim in Jordan, late of Birmingham, Alabama. Been in Jordan about 5 years now, teach a little English from time to time, and write. I’m loving this blog of yours and can’t wait to dig through the archives.

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