T.I.T. Video Blog 7: New Friends and Thai Protests…

Just a quick hi from me and an explanation/apology for not podcasting over the past weekend.  I got some new listener emails and comments I wanted to talk about a bit, and send a special thanks for you guys that sent them.  Also, If you’ve seen the policital turmoil going on in Thailand on the news then don’t worry about me…It is not going on anywhere near where I’m living and most of the protests thus far have been civil and not violent..mostly that is.  Anyway, have a watch and enjoy…will try and podcast again towards the middle of the week.

T.I.T. Video Blog 6: Tom’s Fear of Hospitals…

Just a quick update on my week and my trip to see the doctor today.  Didn’t really accomplish anything but tell me what i already knew (again), and now have to go back again next Monday to see yet another specialist qualified to stick needles in peoples necks.  So my anxiety has time to build a little more instead of an answer today with it being over.  The irony in all this is that 3 of my ex’s have been doctors…LOL!  Anyways, have a watch and will talk to you guys over the weekend.

The Boy has Talent…

So, I was just to way to lazy this weekend to sit down and record a podcast, but promise to do one Monday or Tuesday for you guys.  I’d been meaning to look for this video and song for a while now to share with you.  Normally, I’m not really a big fan of Thai music as a lot of it is honestly just krap.  There are a lot of singers here in Thailand that think a pretty face automatically means one can sing.  However, this particular artist’s name is “Wan,” which means sweet in Thai, and I really think he’s got a great singing voice.  I know many of you will not understand the lyrics, but have a listen and see what you think anyways.  I hope some of you guys will enjoy it, and you can sort of work out what is going on in the music video as it goes along.  The girl has gotten a bad bump on the head, which gives her bad amnesia.   Therefore, she can’t remember  the relationship they’ve had, and can’t remember being in love with him.  Anyways, enough of me for now and I’ll “talk” to you again in the next couple of days.  Much love to you for stopping by!

T.I.T. Video Blog 5: The Dark Knight and Shock Jocks….

Hey guys! So i went to see the new Batman movie last night, and it was such a great action/adventure film. I talk about the movie and also about this conservative asshole radio host I heard about on CNN this morning. You can check out who this guy is and if you scroll down the page you can see what he thinks of children with autism. I personally thought his comments were distasteful and disgusting! Anyways, have a watch and I hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by as always and will write or talk to you again in a day or so.

T.I.T. Video Blog 4: Monday People Watching….

Hi everyone! I am just in from running around the city and thought I’d sit down and record a video entry for you. Matthew over at Spanking Bea Arthur had said he wanted to see more video blogs, and so Tom aims to please….make sure you go visit him over there and visit him as well! I’m to tired or lazy to actually type something out, so I ended up rambling on for just over 10 minutes about my day at the dentist and watching other foreigners in the city make a scene whether they realized they were doing it or not. Oh, and before I go do any of you podcaster have any microphone recommendations? I looked at the Mac store here and the only ones they have are the big heavy expensive ones. What do you guys use? Anyways, have a watch if you are so inclined and will write again very soon! Much love from the Big Mango!

T.I.T. Video Blog 3

I was to lazy to actually sit down and write a long post, so I thought I’d record a quick video blog to give you guys a little post birthday update. I talk about my exhausting week, ceremonies, and what I’m probably going to do with my upcoming free time next month. Anyways, have a watch and thanks for stopping by as always. I’ll write a post over the weekend so be sure to stop back through for a visit.

VideoBlog number 2: A little catch up on my week…

Hey guys,

I know it has been about a week, so I should apologize first i guess. I thought i’d make it up to you by recording a video blog today, so go ahead and have a watch. I’d like to send out a special thanks to ZillaFag for suggesting blip.tv as it worked much better for uploading than youtube. Thanks so much, and you guys make sure and go over to check him out! Hope you like it!