T.I.T. Podcast Episode 33: Time Waits for No One…


•    PSA from Kiko over at Visitronix
•    Welcome to episode 33
•    Summer Storms in Thailand
•    Vacation time again…
•    Cleaning the cave
•    Tom is Nocturnal by nature
•    Comments and emails
•    Go listen to the Tiggercast!
•    Forrest where are you???
•    A blast from the past
•    Hello to another new listener
•    There must be something in the water
•    Tom remembers his last trip to Oz
•    Same year as the tragic Tsunami here in S.E. Asia
•    Time moves to quickly as you get older
•    Tom is on the brink of big change
•    Voicemail shortage…and much love to Craig!
•    Closing remarks and love to my listeners!

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T.I.T. Podcast Episode 27: My Very Own Villain


•    Welcome to episode 27
•    Summer in the tropics
•    Random moments with strangers
•    Tom has over developed calf muscles
•    College students interview Tom
•    I finally saw “TransAmerica”
•    Thailand and Transgender people
•    A Thai haircut and Thai business sense
•    Comments and Emails
•    Did you vote in my poll?
•    Voicemail from Craig of the Royal Pains and the FreakGeek
•    It’s Dangerous to say “could it get any worse”
•    Bad luck comes in 3’s
•    Anonymous podcasting would have been easier
•    The stress is starting to show on my face
•    Life imitates fiction
•    Obviously a villain, but unable to do anything
•    I still believe in happy endings
•    Closing remarks and love
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T.I.T Episode 16: Go “Loy” Your “Krathong”


•    Welcome to episode 16
•    November begins the cool season!
•    The crazy folks on my street
•    I finally got cable TV last week
•    The new James Bond just isn’t the same
•    Loy Kratong festival was last week
•    Tom finds the festival a bit hypocritical
•    Comments and emails
•    Voicemail from Craig at the Royal Pains
•    Aj and Forrest are back….hooray!
•    Sweet & Sour victory for us
•    Tom gets a bit emotional and swears
•    tired of being marginalized
•    My “exile” by choice seems indefinite
•    I’ve considered Australia or Canada
•    What makes our love any different?
•    The holiday season and depression
•    Job hunting window is next month
•    Closing remarks and love
•    Email or Comment!
•    Please call and leave me a message on the listener line

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T.I.T Episode 8: A Place to Call my Own…

•    Comments, emails, messages…
•    Kiko, Forrest, Nee Nee and The Royal Pains
•    Tom got his contacts
•    Fighting my reflexes
•    Back to work Monday and Start of a New Year
•    The first term is 14 weeks long
•    Medical woes and growing up with health problems
•    Do you have health insurance?
•    The price of good health
•    Thai versus American hospitals…the price
•    Tom’s home shopping news
•    Owning property in Thailand
•    The Thailand Home Buyer’s Expo 2008
•    Annoying Thai sales associate habits
•    Affluent Thais invest in property instead of savings
•    Investing in something tangible like property or gold
•    Economic instability and last market crash of 97’
•    What makes a country fall into the category of “developing”
•    Average monthly incomes
•    Explanation of the large commercial sex industry
•    Closing remarks and love
•    Email me at tomnthai@gmail.com or comment on my blog here…Communication is better when it is a     2-way street!

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T.I.T Episode 4: Bush in Bangkok

• The T.I.T. Intro
• Welcome to episode 4
• Comments…one from my “Nee Nee”
• Shout out to Craig and Leslie at The Royal Pains
• Work would be better if…
• Another Step towards a goal
• Procrastination and stressing myself out
• Touch football in Thailand
• Bush in Bangkok
• I’d hate to work at the Embassy today!
• American Thai relations for 175 years?
• Abraham Lincoln and Elephants
• Restoration of democracy? Really?
• The old ball and cup magic trick..
• What are your thoughts on free trade?
• The first lady shipped off to the border of Burma
• Military governments
• A little more American/Thai history
• My first “free” weekend
• Consistency in podcasting
• My new email, so please comment and email!!!

Always please feel free to question or comment and let me know how I’m doing. Any and all emails and/or comments will be addressed cause I care what you think!

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Mental Vacations…

Did everyone make it to their weekend in one piece?  I certainly hope you did and that you’re doing whatever you can do enjoy your weekend to the fullest.  I’m sitting here on a Saturday night, and I can hear the wind occasionally whistling and blowing through the big mango tree outside as I sit here and write to you.  I’m also occasionally looking up from the laptop to glance at the muted television in front of me.  Does anyone else out there leave the television on muted when they are home alone?  I sometimes do it for the illusion of  company it provides,and I’ve got it muted at the moment so I can concentrate better on talking to you.  I’m actually also waiting for my favorite Saturday night shows to come on, and the current bland reality show annoys me severely.  Anyways, enough about my peculiar personality traits, right?

Well, I’ve officially been on vacation for a week now, and my mind seems to have taken complete and full advantage of the opportunity.  It sort of feels like my body has been in auto-drive this past week going through the motions of daily obligations without much thought or feeling in my actions.  Anyway, I went to the dentist on Wednesday, and I’m proud to report that Tom is 100% cavity free. I actually have an almost phobic fear of dentists and the relief of having no cavities was tremendous.  The dentist and his 2 assistants did an excellent job of polishing and cleaning my teeth all for about 600 Baht, which is just under 20 bucks.   I doubt if the  dentist at home would even squirt you with  the  water tube for that much, right?

Then, speaking of back home, I made a trip down to the American Embassy on Friday.  I only had about 2 empty pages left in my passport, and so a trip down to the embassy to get some additional pages was in order.  I’m normally not a big fan of government interaction and their need for miles of red tape, but I must say that in this instance the U.S. government was quick and efficient.  I was able to print out and fill in the form online beforehand, and then on Friday I was in and out in under an hour.  Not only were the staff down there friendly and efficient, but the whole service was done free of charge.  They should pay me to do P.R. for them for this entry, huh?

However, one thing I always find interesting is the large number of Thai citizens that are always there lining up and making visa applications when I’ve visited the embassy.  They line up by the hundreds like you would see people lined up to enter a ride at Six Flags or Disney World.  All morning long for what I assume to be every day there are huge lines down at the American Embassy for a chance at the opportunity to cross the pacific to the country I call home for one reason or another.  This raised some difficult questions in my own mind, but I guess that’s the bad thing about long vacations or holidays in life.  You get to much time to think and critique the measure of your life when you are avoiding doing productive things with your time.  Well, I should go now and watch Family guy, so much love to you from Bangkok.  Thanks so very much for stopping by to have a read as always, and I will see ya soon.

T.I.T. Video Blog 3

I was to lazy to actually sit down and write a long post, so I thought I’d record a quick video blog to give you guys a little post birthday update. I talk about my exhausting week, ceremonies, and what I’m probably going to do with my upcoming free time next month. Anyways, have a watch and thanks for stopping by as always. I’ll write a post over the weekend so be sure to stop back through for a visit.