T.I.T Episode 9: Rank & Status

Welcome to Episode 9!  I’m going to have to apologize first because I didn’t prepare any show notes at all for this episode.  I thought I would do things a little different and attempt to ad lib this episode, so have a listen and see how it turned out.  Also, was just to plain tired and I mostly just talk about personal stuff like my ordeal with the doctors this week, work, and one cultural difference between Thai and western cultures that  seems odd to the western mind.  At least my mind anyways, so please have a listen and  I will put out another more organized episode this weekend.  Please!!! send me your emails and comments as i really value each and everyone of them i receive.  Also feel free to send along an audio message if you feel so inclinded and I’ll play it on the show.  Much love to you and talk again soon!

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