T.I.T. Podcast Episode 36: Go Ahead…As You Do!


•    Welcome to episode 36
•    Lots and lots of rain
•    The rainy season has come early
•    Global warming?
•    I’m not P.C. regarding global warming
•    What’s worse than waking at 6 AM?
•    Tom has never been a morning person
•    Mom used to wake me up with the vacum
•    My mind works better late at night
•    Tom’s first full time job was 3rd shift
•    Most people don’t seem to be night owls
•    Comments and emails
•    A little love from Zilla
•    Sometimes the accent still shows itself
•    I have another friend that strongly dislikes the British
•    Social anxiety
•    Wanting to be social vs. being uncomfortable
•    Old coping mechanisms
•    Alcohol eased the anxiety
•    Tom over did it one to many times
•    I say “As you Do!” instead of cursing at people
•    Picked it up from my dear sweet Ozzie friend
•    Closing remarks and love to my listeners!

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Ugly Tourists…

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night depending on where and when in the wide world this finds you.  It’s a sunny Saturday morning to start my weekend off here, and I’m soooo very glad the weekend finally arrived.  This past week was one of those weeks that never seems to end, and the slow march to Friday afternoon seemed such a long road.   You know how some weeks seem to take twice as long to go by, while others come and go without much thought at all.  I wonder why some weeks are like that cause I’m sure everyone gets this feeling occasionally as well?

Anyways, on to the topic at hand while it is still fresh in my mind cause if i don’t get down in writing soon I will forget it.  That’s cause of the progression of age I think, but I digress.  Yesterday afternoon I was headed home after a gym session and reached the BTS station to catch my train home.  it was about 5:30 PM in the afternoon and the station was very crowded as usual, but one individual caught my attention despite the throngs of people.  It was a tall Caucasian guy, or farang as the Thais say, about a head taller than me with a backpack the size of an overweight child strapped to his back.   However, It wasn’t because he was a backpacker tourist that I noticed him because one can see many of these types of tourist across the city on any given day.  No, it was the over sized can of Heineken he was trying to carry through the gates leading up to the train platforms that I noticed about this particular fellow.  The guard stopped him immediately through the gate trying to separate this man from his unfinished beer, but the guy just wasn’t having it.  He immediately took on a very condescending tone, smiling and shrugging his shoulders at the guard saying very loudly…”What….What…..What!”  The guard politely told the man there were no “beverages” allowed beyond the gates (as evidenced by the large obvious sign above), but the man wasn’t about to give up his large can of beer to finish boarding the train.  He put his hand in the guards face and told the guard he was going to stand next to the gate and finish his beer, and kept laughing at the perceived silliness of this rule imposing on his vacation experience.

So, It makes me wonder if one can bring open containers of alcohol into any form of public transportation in the man’s home country?  I know in back home in the US the authorities in most cities don’t look to kindly on walking down the street sipping on a 40 oz. so I wonder why people assume they can just behave any less away from home.  Now, if this were an isolated incident then I might find it amusing, but I have unfortunately seen this situation play out in different ways here time and time again.  American, Australians, and the British are the absolute worst tourists when they travel abroad.  I always wonder why western tourist so often leave their common decency and manners behind when the travel abroad, whether it be climbing aboard the train sucking the face off a recently acquired prostitute or talking as loudly as possible to their cohorts across the dinner table in a quite restaurant.   Obviously, most tourists would need to possess a bit of world knowledge and money to get on a plane and travel across the ocean to reach Thailand, so It is a bit of a conundrum I have always wondered about.

Therefore, please keep in mind that when you do travel abroad you are representing your country of origin and that the locals get their impression of our cultures from your actions while visiting.  So, if you are going to be rude and make an ass out of yourself then eventually the local residents will form ill opinions of the place you call home.  I think it is human nature to let one negative experience or situation over rule a dozen positive ones, right?  I’ll stop preaching and close it there to wish you a wonderful weekend ahead.  Thanks as always for stopping by and I always appreciate each and every comment I get.  See you soon!

What Defines Labor?

Happy Labor Day to you guys out there, one and all across the globe.  I got such good response to the vidcast I did, and i really really want to thank you guys that posted such nice comments in response.  I honestly thought I looked terrible, but happy to know it turned out ok.  Sooooo…..I will definitely be putting up more video blogs soon, and will even make them a regular part of the blog since I got such good feedback.  You really know how to make a guy blush!

Anyways, Did you enjoy your Labor day for those of you outside the US?  I know at home we celebrate in September, but Thailand and many other countries around the world have theirs today.  I learned today, while reading a message board i frequent daily, that the British spell the word L-A-B-O-U-R.  Doesn’t really make sense phonetically to me, but then again I am an American and they do spell color as C-O-L-O-U-R.  Interesting isn’t it?  However, I’m not one for being petty about the different ways we spell words on opposite sides of the Atlantic, so let’s just move on.  I also did not realize that Labor Day was an International holiday.  I know, I know….just call me naive, but then again I usually ignore holidays I don’t get off work.

I am curious to find out what defines “Labor” to you?  I often wonder why so many professions are not regarded as being “labor” intensive kids of work.  Teachers, nurses, doctors, accountants, or even journalists are not regarded as being individuals that “labor” for their hard earned money.  Therefore, this narrow definition of the word would imply that because i don’t sweat carrying bricks or digging ditches that my profession is not labor intensive.  However, I don’t think this is a fair definition of labor.  I work very hard at what I do, and I can assure you that I do “labor,” though I do not toil for hours hanging dry wall.  My profession requires a huge amount of thinking, planning, and massive amounts of brain exercise that can and does elicit a sweat on the odd occasion.

Now, before you judge, I must point out that I have worked as a “laborer” in the traditional sense eons ago.  I had the extreme misfortune of being employed at Wal-mart in the warehouse division.  Further, to compound the unpleasant job, I worked the third shift for many years prior to attending University.  I’ve tossed endless amounts of freight from the back of 18 wheeler vehicles, so I’ve been on both sides of the ‘labor’ issue.   I remember working really hard for my money back in those days, but guess what I never had to do much of?   Think….I never had to plan anything and the minimal amount of responsibility I had was nothing compared to my career duties now.  So, In my opinion I did labor then but I also do now.  I labor for hours over my responsibilities and my partner is a doctor and i need not tell you the amount of time he puts in to his profession.  We both work hard, and though I didn’t get today off…I think we deserved it.

Soooo….I think I’ll close here for today.  I’ll get off my little soap box now and put it away under the sofa.  As always, thanks so much for stopping by and will get a new vidcast up again for you soon!  Have a great end of your week, where ever this finds you in the world morning, noon, or night.  Talk to you again over the weekend!