T.I.T Episode 13: Moving Madness

•    I’m back for episode 13
•    Tom has FINALLY moved everything
•    I have too much stuff!
•    Hello to my new listener Khun ‘Im’ in Sydney
•    All Thais have short cute nicknames.
•    An apology to Les in Australia
•    Voicemail from Matthew at S.B.A.
•    Smokey treats and my cough…
•    I’ve already voted…Hooray me!
•    Questioning my need to vote?
•    Why not just do it anyway!
•    Voicemail from Craig from The Royal Pains
•    Update on the new T.I.T. studio/condo
•    Central city living is for me!
•    Tom misses cable television
•    Why Thai television sucks!
•    Halloween is Tom’s 2nd favorite holiday
•    Do kids still go trick-or-treating?
•    American enthusiasm for Halloween
•    Tom has a brain fart!
•    My Hard Drive crash has perfect timing
•    Closing remarks and love
•    Email or Comment!
•    Please call and leave me a message or I’ll lose the line

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Tom’s Hard Drive Crashed!!!

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the broadcast pause, but I wanted to sit down this evening to write a quick entry to let everyone know that I survived the move all safe and sound.  However!!!!  I was all set to podcast from my brand new studio (new condo) and my Macbook sputtered and died on me.  I just couldn’t seem to boot up past the initial blue start up screen and thusly the panic started to set in.  I try restarting it a few times and even walked away a couple of times praying it was just loading slowly, but no! It would seem that my hard drive decided to crash, just when i needed it the most.  Figures doesn’t it?  So i carted it over to the Macshop near the new studio/condo.  The ever friendly Mac shop employees said they would do their best to recover my entire life’s work for the past 3 years and put it onto a new hard drive.  So what choice did i really have, and so needless to say Tom walked way deeply stressed and kicking myself for not buying that backup desktop hardrive sooner.

Sooooo, to make a long story short….I got it back this evening and all the non-Mac programs are all gone.  Fortunately, all my work like my documents, music, movies, and stuff survived but I’m going to have to sit down tonight and re-install everything else.  Including the monstrous install and download of all the World of Warcraft patches….’sob’ ‘sob!”  Therefore, i shall not be podcasting tonight for sure but be on the look out for episode 13 of the Tom in Thailand cast this weekend as I realize i’m long overdo.  Thanks soooooooooooooo! much for the emails and voicemails as I’m definitely going to be making good use of them on the episode this weekend.  Love you guys and keep your fingers crossed for me here.  Things are finally sliding back into a bit of normalcy!  Much love from Bangkok!