T.I.T. Podcast Episode 52: Live From Issan…

  • Welcome to episode 52
  • Tom’s visiting Udon Thani this weekend
  • On a much needed break
  • Insane activity schedules at work
  • Burn out
  • Shop talk:  accreditation malarkey
  • Minor car trouble
  • “Free flight” to Udon
  • What is Issan?
  • Issan sometimes gets a bad rap in Thailand
  • Thais are so classist
  • Monday is another National Holiday
  • What is “Makha Bucha” day?
  • Embassies jumped the gun yesterday with travel warnings
  • Ex-Premier’s court date yesterday
  • Thai Supreme Court seized 46 billion baht (1.4 billion dollars)
  • Tom wonders what they will do with seized billion?
  • A few ideas that I doubt will transpire
  • I wish Thailand could put this wanna be dictator behind them
  • Tom has done a little Pattaya exploring
  • A lot more developed than I remember
  • Saw the Wolfman movie there
  • Surreal moment coming back over the mountain
  • I wish there were more of those “moments” in life
  • Comments and more comments
  • Taylor, Ernest, and who is Little Bit!
  • Email from a listener…Hey Brendan!
  • Facebook friends
  • Rambling closing remarks and lurve

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T.I.T Episode 2: The Journey

• New Intro jingle & Song: Get this Party Started by Shiley Bassey
• Welcome to episode 2
• Thanks for all the comments& encouragement thus far
• Last week of vacation and overcoming insomnia
• Not looking forward to going back to work
• I love Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts…”Charlie Wilson’s War.”
• Interesting side of an issue presented
• Why can’t more people see both sides of issues
• How did a country boy end up in Thailand
• Who is and how I met the professor March 1996
• When one night stands turn into relationships
• Lovers versus being best friends
• Knowing the end will come…or did I?
• The trial trip and final decision
• Blind leaps of Faith
• Still wasn’t enough in the end
• Why did I stay?
• Enough personal babble…
• Closing remarks and thanks again
• Closing Song: Temptation by Diana Krall

Always please feel free to email, message, question or comment and let me know how I’m doing. Thanks so much for all support and encouragement from everyone so far!

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