TIT Podcast Episode 61: Finally Checking In….

  • Welcome to episode 61
  • Remember me?
  • What Tom has been up too
  • Was my last podcast really in October?
  • Phuket for Christmas with the flu
  • An Issan New Year
  • The comforts of routine
  • Work-home-sleep….repeat
  • To much time on the road
  • A typical week for Tom
  • Job hunting blues
  • Finally some good news
  • Moving back to the big Mango
  • New job equals new visa (kinda)
  • Thai embassies in the US
  • Whole consulate on vacation
  • NYC or L.A.
  • Home for the 4th
  • Babies, babies, and more babies
  • A Pattaya report
  • Having nothing nice to say…
  • Retirement community
  • Adventures on Pattaya public transport
  • Russians….LOTS of Russians
  • Slowly becoming my least favorite folks
  • Helping a friend in need
  • To publish or not?
  • Check me out on the Facebooks!!!
  • Lurve to all my listeners!
  • The usual rambling closing remarks

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