TIT 68: The Necessity of Reinvention…

  • Welcome to Episode 68
  • Room to breathe during Mid-term Break
  • Holiday time in Issan
  • I know…Been a few months
  • Where does the time go?
  • The blur of the holidays
  • Finding spare time
  • A typical day for Tom
  • Work in Bangkok is very demanding
  • The little school that could
  • Did I mention I went to Hawaii?
  • Lives up to hype!
  • Transported back in time
  • Pearl Harbor, Waikiki, and a Luau
  • Snorkeling with the turtles
  • Unpleasant LONG flights
  • Never have good luck on airplanes
  • New Year in Issan
  • Did I mention work is demanding?
  • Duties above and beyond teaching…
  • Let’s do this….and let’s do this…and…
  • Never good enough
  • Contracts…it’s all about the contracts
  • Opportunity vs. stability
  • haven’t seen friends since before Christmas
  • RIP to Whitney Houston
  • What her music meant to Tom
  • Her passing was difficult
  • Got to see her in concert
  • Life goes on….
  • The future of the TIT podcast
  • Wanna do something with the site
  • Taking it to the next level?
  • make podcasting more sustainable?
  • Need to streamline the process
  • Where to go next?
  • Closing remarks and lurve

Music on today’s show:

How Are You (Welcome to Thailand)Pamela Bowden

Step By StepWhitney Houston

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TIT Podcast 66: Go Away Ms. Monsoon!!!

  • Good morning, Afternoon, Evening or Goodnight…(Truman Show)
  • Tom has his groove back..
  • Being wary of things going well
  • Interesting signs in Bangkok taxis
  • Takes a few weeks to settle in
  • How the classes divide up
  • Tom wonders which group he was in?
  • Are you ok, are you ok, are you ok?
  • Feeling fine though, i’m not smiling
  • How to give Tom a complex…
  • Coming down off the moving high
  • Do your moods go up, down and plateau?
  • Movie news:  Fright Night with Collin Farrell
  • 4D cinema experience in Bangkok
  • Like a Disney ride
  • Onwards to Thailand stuff
  • Worst monsoon season in years
  • Severe flooding in Pattaya
  • Hundreds of Crocodiles escape from farm
  • Why the crocs should be afraid more than the people
  • Low point in the tourist season
  • Getting caught out in the rain at just the right time
  • Canals (Klongs) always in the back of my mind
  • Sandbags on standby
  • A little Thai lesson for ya’ll (rain and flooding)
  • Attention straight guys!!!
  • Thai woman strangles baby to fly to party
  • I’ve seen these sort of gals in action
  • Beware, beware, and beware!
  • On a lighter Note
  • Have purchased TominThailand.com
  • Going to attempt to make the site more attractive
  • What does it need?  What would you like to see?
  • Facebook stuffs….why do i need 2?
  • Closing remarks and lurve

Music on today’s show:
กระแซะเข้ามาซิ –Pumpuang Duangjan

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T.I.T. Podcast Episode 52: Live From Issan…

  • Welcome to episode 52
  • Tom’s visiting Udon Thani this weekend
  • On a much needed break
  • Insane activity schedules at work
  • Burn out
  • Shop talk:  accreditation malarkey
  • Minor car trouble
  • “Free flight” to Udon
  • What is Issan?
  • Issan sometimes gets a bad rap in Thailand
  • Thais are so classist
  • Monday is another National Holiday
  • What is “Makha Bucha” day?
  • Embassies jumped the gun yesterday with travel warnings
  • Ex-Premier’s court date yesterday
  • Thai Supreme Court seized 46 billion baht (1.4 billion dollars)
  • Tom wonders what they will do with seized billion?
  • A few ideas that I doubt will transpire
  • I wish Thailand could put this wanna be dictator behind them
  • Tom has done a little Pattaya exploring
  • A lot more developed than I remember
  • Saw the Wolfman movie there
  • Surreal moment coming back over the mountain
  • I wish there were more of those “moments” in life
  • Comments and more comments
  • Taylor, Ernest, and who is Little Bit!
  • Email from a listener…Hey Brendan!
  • Facebook friends
  • Rambling closing remarks and lurve

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T.I.T. Podcast Episode 47: Gobble Gobble Ka!

  • Happy Thanksgiving
  • Holiday time is stressful for teachers
  • Teachers start to snap at each other under pressure
  • Have you seen New Moon?
  • Tom’s take on the book series
  • I’ve always avoided things that are trendy
  • Turkey day!
  • American holidays abroad
  • My first Thanksgiving experience in Thailand
  • My only thanksgiving dinner in 9 years
  • Would you like a little turkey with your salt?
  • Thanksgivings past….
  • Over the river and through the woods…
  • The Macy’s Day parade
  • Wishing for cold
  • almost still smell and taste the food
  • The feast and compulsory naps afterwards
  • Things I’m thankful for…
  • One of the worst things about living in Thailand
  • An upcoming important Thai holiday
  • Andrea’s comment on the last episode
  • Things we know but don’t talk about
  • It’s much to easy to have language based misunderstandings
  • One thing Thais take Very seriously
  • Facebook and new listeners
  • Pattaya Passion website and message board
  • SBA and a month of daily podcasts
  • Tom on an upcoming Tiggercast?
  • Juggling the time difference between Thailand and home
  • Stop by the blog and say hello
  • Closing remarks and ramblings

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You Know You’ve Been in Thailand to Long When…

my hood

I know right?  Two times in the same week…Could it really be?  Anyways, I was checking the blog this afternoon when I got home from work and it occurred to me that I should post a counterpart to the “You know your from Alabama when…” as I’ve not had the pleasure of residing there for nearly a decade.  Therefore, I poked around the internet and found MANY such lists related to foreigners living in Thailand.  So, I pieced together a list of those i found funny yet relevant to my life here and most, if not all, of these are also 100% true.  Sooooo, I thought I’d share yet another list with your reading pleasure and I hope you find it as comical as I did and do on a day to day basis here.  Also, if any questions occur to you while you are reading through the list then please feel free to post them.  I will be more than happy to do my best to elaborate!  Much love as always and will podcast over the weekend!


You Know You’ve Been in Thailand to Long When…

1. You can go for weeks without toilet paper.

2. You don’t flinch when another car or taxi drives you down the wrong side of the street.

3. You decline to wear a motorbike helmet because it’ll mess up your hair.

4. You stand in the shadow of a telephone pole while waiting for a taxi or bus.

5. It is no longer surprising that the only decision made at a staff meeting is what the group will be having for lunch immediately following the meeting.

6. Hearing “Mai Mii” (Don’t have) or “Mai Dai” (cannot) for the 500th time in a day doesn’t annoy you anymore.

7. You no longer wonder how a civil servant, who earns 400 USD per month drives a brand new Mercedes.

8. Curry is perfectly acceptable breakfast food as long as it has a fried egg on top.

9. Au Bon Pain or the Sizzler is a chic classy hang out serving good food.

10. A policeman stops you for a minor infraction and you automatically reach for your wallet, and not to get your license.

11. You are not surprised when 3-4 men with a ladder show up to change a light bulb or change the filters in the air conditioner.

12. You instinctively know to look both ways twice before crossing a one-way street.

13. You wonder where the salt and chilli mix is for fresh fruit.

14. You’d rather SMS someone than actually meet and talk.

15. You are careful to cover your mouth when picking your teeth, but openly pick your nose at the dinner table.

16. You keep a roll of toilet paper on your dinner table, but not in the bathroom cause it doesn’t go in the toliet.

17. A hot pizza right out of the oven is smothered in ketchup and oregano and it looks just fine for dinner.

18. You know first hand that “Love You Long Time” is not a satirical quote from Full Metal Jacket, but an actual saying.

19. You know when people say they’re “going to bed” that they’ll actually be partying until 2AM and beyond in a cylindrical nightclub resembling a spaceship.

20. “Sexpats,” “Pirates,” “Yellow Fever” and “Rice Queens” are all in your vocabulary.

21. You can shame a group of prostitutes with one contemptuous stare.

22. You understand why drivers flash their 4 indicator lights when driving straight on at intersections.

23.  You just smile, shake your head and sigh when the waiter correctly repeats your order and yet the cook makes something completely different.

24. When shopping at a supermarket, you peak into another farang’s (Caucasian foreigner) cart and wonder to yourself what other farang’s eat.

25. You quietly mutter “farang” (Caucasian foreigner) to your Thai friend/partner when you see other foreigners in public.

26. You regularly fumble for five minutes to find a 10 baht coin despite 10 people waiting in line behind you to use the machine.

26. You know that dogs are animals best given a wide berth or avoided rather than attempt to pet.

27. Touts and Indian tailors ignore you when you walk past their shops.

28. Not only does it not bother you that a lady is cleaning the stall next to the one you are using, but you are not even startled when she begins to sweep/mop under the door of your stall.

29. You are adept at examining knock-off sunglasses and watches with a discriminating eye.

30. You can tell the difference between the “I-have-no-idea-what-you’re-talking-about” smile and one of genuine amusement.

T.I.T. Podcast Episode 28: Love in Thai


•    Welcome to episode 28
•    Mid-term break for Tom again
•    Teacher perks
•    Holiday time is no fun if your poor
•    Comments and emails
•    Happy Valentine’s Day from Bangkok
•    A nice Buddhist perspective on Love
•    “Have you eaten” means I care for you…
•    “ I love Farang”
•    What is love to you?
•    What is love in Thai?
•    Tom on relationships
•    Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve
•    Love yourself….no one wants an incomplete person
•    Vanity and pride are love’s worst enemy
•    Lust, Love, and attraction
•    Emotional or Rational person?
•    It is easier to say I Love you in another language
•    How closely do you guard your heart?
•    Closing remarks and some Valentine’s love to you!

Email me at tomnthai@gmail.com, please go Comment on my page or call my voice line and leave me a voice comment for the show!

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T.I.T. Podcast Episode 27: My Very Own Villain


•    Welcome to episode 27
•    Summer in the tropics
•    Random moments with strangers
•    Tom has over developed calf muscles
•    College students interview Tom
•    I finally saw “TransAmerica”
•    Thailand and Transgender people
•    A Thai haircut and Thai business sense
•    Comments and Emails
•    Did you vote in my poll?
•    Voicemail from Craig of the Royal Pains and the FreakGeek
•    It’s Dangerous to say “could it get any worse”
•    Bad luck comes in 3’s
•    Anonymous podcasting would have been easier
•    The stress is starting to show on my face
•    Life imitates fiction
•    Obviously a villain, but unable to do anything
•    I still believe in happy endings
•    Closing remarks and love
Email me at tomnthai@gmail.com, please go Comment directly on my blog page or call my voice line and leave me a voice comment for the show!

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