T.I.T. Podcast Episode 27: My Very Own Villain


•    Welcome to episode 27
•    Summer in the tropics
•    Random moments with strangers
•    Tom has over developed calf muscles
•    College students interview Tom
•    I finally saw “TransAmerica”
•    Thailand and Transgender people
•    A Thai haircut and Thai business sense
•    Comments and Emails
•    Did you vote in my poll?
•    Voicemail from Craig of the Royal Pains and the FreakGeek
•    It’s Dangerous to say “could it get any worse”
•    Bad luck comes in 3’s
•    Anonymous podcasting would have been easier
•    The stress is starting to show on my face
•    Life imitates fiction
•    Obviously a villain, but unable to do anything
•    I still believe in happy endings
•    Closing remarks and love
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