T.I.T. Podcast Episode 30: Only in Thailand


•    Welcome to episode 30
•    Thailand in the News
•    “Siam Sunrays” will lure tourists back?
•    Thailand in a Glass
•    Thais think all foreigners are sex crazed alcoholics
•    One Angry Australian against 6 Bangkok police
•    He really, really needed a beer
•    Always wear clean underwear when going out
•    Thailand’s silly law about buying alcohol
•    Elections and many holidays are dry days for the country
•    What else does T.I.T. stand for?
•    Comments and Emails
•    Listeners through the Myspace
•    Tom on Facebook vs. Myspace
•    Never realized I’d have so many straight listeners
•    Tom is a tiny bit of a heterophobe
•    More foreigner/Thailand News
•    Jailed Australian author pardoned
•    Going home after 5 months in prison
•    Italian man commits suicide and ends up beheaded
•    Closing remarks and love to my listeners!

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More Lazy Sundays…


Well here we are on the last day of my week’s worth of vacation and I’m down to the last hours of holiday freedom. The thought of being jarred awake by a screeching alarm at 6 AM tomorrow is kind of depressing, but such is life right? I always fall into the same sort of routine on vacation and it screws up my internal clock when it comes time to return to work. I fall into a pattern of staying up until 2 or 3 AM and then sleeping till noon every day. I watch tv, surf or chat on the net, or spend time playing computer games till the wee hours of the morning and sleep till lunch the next day. However, that means tonight I will be wide awake till 2 or 3 and be savagely awakened at 6 AM by the mental torture of my alarm. I have a colleague at work who falls into the same sort of vacation routine when we have breaks, so at least I know i’m not alone in the world in regards to strange sleeping patterns. Anyone else?

I didn’t do anything constructive at all over my vacation, and must confess to spending most of it sprawled out in my little space on my sofa for most of the time. I did manage the gym once, and also made my way down to Grad. school Saturday morning for a meeting with the head about finishing my studies. Hmmmm, What else is going on? It sort of feels like I’ve turned off my brain this past week and now i’m reaching for topics to jump start my my mental facilities. I did get to talk to my parents on the phone last night as we were trying to work out my phone number, plus the relevant international calling codes to get through from there to here in Thailand. We talked a good bit about really exciting news in my family recently, which I had the pleasure of finding out first through Myspace. Just gives you warm fuzzy feelings doesn’t it? Anyways, I discovered my brother and his new wife are expecting a new addition to our family come next September. I was really excited for them when I read the news online and think my little brother will make such a good father when the time comes. My Dad has decided to adopt the name “Paw Paw,” which is very sweet as it was what we called his father when we were little. My Mother will go by “MeeMee,” which is what my brother called his blanket when he was a baby. It is very special and this will be the first grandchild, niece, nephew in our family. It is at times like these I regret not being closer to home, and hope that I can be a small part of the babies life as well when it is born and starts the journey of growing up. Though, I’m not so sure I like the idea of being called Uncle Tom, right? Just doesn’t sound right to me, as It will always carry with it the image of being southern and racist. However, hopefully I’m sure that I’ll end up being that crazy gay Uncle Tom that lives somewhere over in Asia to the next generation of our family, and in that regards I wouldn’t have it any other way! Much love to everyone, and enjoy your Sunday where ever you are.