T.I.T Episode 17: Muppets With Guns…


•    Welcome to episode 17
•    To busy to Podcast
•    Hope your Thanksgiving was good!
•    Holiday importance fades with distance
•    Tom has a cold
•    Saw the new James Bond and latest Vampire flick
•    Should characters evolve?
•    Is the world becoming harsh and cold?
•    Technological detachment from one another
•    Comments and emails
•    More Thai political mess
•    The definition of a Banana Republic
•    It isn’t as chaotic as the media says
•    Red vs. the Yellow shirts
•    Slingshots, sticks, and guns
•    Airport closures will devastate the economy
•    December is the peak of the high season
•    Would you travel across the world to be turned away?
•    Building a house on shifting sand
•    Closing remarks and love
•    Make sure you go comment on the blog!

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