T.I.T Episode 12: Political Mess!

•    Welcome, to episode 12
•    October is finally here…
•    Seasonal sickness is universal
•    Why do dry coughs linger?
•    Hello to my new listener Khristina!
•    Comments from PizzaBabe and Ms. Bulah!
•    Halloween is Tom’s 2nd favorite holiday
•    Freddy or Jason?
•    Hooray!!! Tigger is Back!
•    Strained conversations with my brother
•    Update on the new condo
•    Preparing to move
•    Is there anything more unpleasant than moving?
•    Markup prices in retail stores
•    Tom’s 2 cents on Palin
•    The cute card is all she’s got
•    This isn’t a job you can learn as you go!
•    The hot mess of an interview
•    Her logic means I’ve experience with Burma, Laos, and Vietnam
•    Did their plan backfire on them?
•    This isn’t a Mother of the Year contest!
•    More political laughs here in Thailand
•    Fugitive Ex PM and wife seek political asylum in Britain
•    Shame on Britain if they accept them!
•    Isn’t his brother-in-law Prime Minister now?
•    Why is politics such a dirty business?  It just bothers me.
•    Public Service announcement from Kiko!
•    Closing remarks and love
•    Email or Comment!
•    Please call and leave me a message or I’ll lose the line

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Frightening and Funny at the Same Time….

Happy Monday folks!  I entered into a political disussion with a very dear conservative member of my family over the weekend, and I ended up giving our conversation a lot of thought afterwords.  Thankfully, this dear family member finally seems a little disillusioned with the antics of politics and I was certainly grateful to hear a change of heart had finally started to take place.

However, this dear family member expressed to me that they liked Sarah Palin because she appears to be a good mother to her family, standing beside her children despite their shortcomings.  I’m not going to argue one way or the other about her abilities as a mother because I really think that in this situation it’s beside the point.  Mrs. Palin is not running for mother of the year, but as Jack Cafferty said one of the highest offices in the country.  Please take a little time and watch this video and then tell me honestly do you think this woman is intelligent enough to assume the second chair position to being commander in chief for one of the most influential countries in the world?  Again, I’d like to STRESS to any of my conservative readers that this isn’t a popularity contest she’s in or mother of they year….PLEASE give it some very deep consideration before you decide to back Mrs. Palin and the Republican party candidate this year.

Finally, I’ll close with another video because when I heard the Palin interview it immediately brought to mind another interview I heard relatively recently, and the similarity in the quality of answers is undeniable.  Honestly, could these two women possibly be related?  Anyways, hope everyone has a good week and will talk to you soon!