TIT 68: The Necessity of Reinvention…

  • Welcome to Episode 68
  • Room to breathe during Mid-term Break
  • Holiday time in Issan
  • I know…Been a few months
  • Where does the time go?
  • The blur of the holidays
  • Finding spare time
  • A typical day for Tom
  • Work in Bangkok is very demanding
  • The little school that could
  • Did I mention I went to Hawaii?
  • Lives up to hype!
  • Transported back in time
  • Pearl Harbor, Waikiki, and a Luau
  • Snorkeling with the turtles
  • Unpleasant LONG flights
  • Never have good luck on airplanes
  • New Year in Issan
  • Did I mention work is demanding?
  • Duties above and beyond teaching…
  • Let’s do this….and let’s do this…and…
  • Never good enough
  • Contracts…it’s all about the contracts
  • Opportunity vs. stability
  • haven’t seen friends since before Christmas
  • RIP to Whitney Houston
  • What her music meant to Tom
  • Her passing was difficult
  • Got to see her in concert
  • Life goes on….
  • The future of the TIT podcast
  • Wanna do something with the site
  • Taking it to the next level?
  • make podcasting more sustainable?
  • Need to streamline the process
  • Where to go next?
  • Closing remarks and lurve

Music on today’s show:

How Are You (Welcome to Thailand)Pamela Bowden

Step By StepWhitney Houston

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TIT Podcast Episode 61: Finally Checking In….

  • Welcome to episode 61
  • Remember me?
  • What Tom has been up too
  • Was my last podcast really in October?
  • Phuket for Christmas with the flu
  • An Issan New Year
  • The comforts of routine
  • Work-home-sleep….repeat
  • To much time on the road
  • A typical week for Tom
  • Job hunting blues
  • Finally some good news
  • Moving back to the big Mango
  • New job equals new visa (kinda)
  • Thai embassies in the US
  • Whole consulate on vacation
  • NYC or L.A.
  • Home for the 4th
  • Babies, babies, and more babies
  • A Pattaya report
  • Having nothing nice to say…
  • Retirement community
  • Adventures on Pattaya public transport
  • Russians….LOTS of Russians
  • Slowly becoming my least favorite folks
  • Helping a friend in need
  • To publish or not?
  • Check me out on the Facebooks!!!
  • Lurve to all my listeners!
  • The usual rambling closing remarks

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T.I.T. Podcast Episode 41: Driving Me Crazy


•    Welcome to episode 41
•    Lazy days of summer
•    Occupying my time
•    Pattaya Passion forum
•    A driving we will go
•    Tom’s experience with the Thai DMV
•    Take a friend…NO REALLY…take a friend!
•    The 5 tests
•    The driving safety cinema experience
•    Parallel parking from the other side
•    I’m good for 5 years
•    Rent-a-heap is the next step
•    Should I buy a car?
•    A bad omen following the experience
•    Hit and run
•    A voicemail from Dean and Craig!
•    Saw the latest Harry Potter flick
•    A week to go till Oz
•    Tom + flying = anxiety attacks
•    Swine Flu panic in Thailand?
•    Lead medical school suggests sealing borders
•    Schools and internet cafes closed
•    Paper masks everywhere
•    What not to do when you wear a mask!
•    Closing remarks and love!

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T.I.T. Episode 40: Pouring Down


•    Welcome to episode 40
•    How was your 4th?
•    Celebrating the 4th of July in Bangkok
•    Playing with fireworks
•    Tigger reminded me of firework fun
•    That “whoosh” sound bottle rockets made
•    July is wet, wet, wet in Thailand
•    EVERYTHING is damp and moist
•    Down time isn’t always good
•    Keeping busy to chase away the blues
•    Visiting the American Embassy
•    Lot’s and lot’s of paperwork to prepare
•    RPSN site is looking fierce again
•    Go visit the PowerGay
•    Emails and comments from listeners
•    Good friends and good memories
•    Tom loves Singapore!
•    Go visit Pattaya Passion
•    Dealing with the distance
•    It is what it is…
•    Always look on the bright side
•    Eagerly anticipating Oz
•    Closing remarks and love!

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A New Respect for My Podcasters…

Well, I’ve just spent to better of yesterday evening and all day today trying my very hardest to get the first episode of the T.O.T. Podcast created, uploaded, linked, CSS’ed, and RSS’ed correctly. I never realized how much time and effort goes into the whole process and I’ve really found a new respect for you guys that have managed to successfully get yourselves out there. I managed to get a 1st episode recorded after about 50 times of starting over, and it still managed to come out sounding terrible to me with sound cutting out, to loud, or just me sounding goofy. I signed up with an account at libsyn cause I know a lot of my favorite podcasters use them and managed to get the episode uploaded and deleted and then re-uploaded to them again .

So, there is a first episode of the Tom in Thailand Podcast floating around out there somewhere, but I’ve been trying all day today to link the podcast correctly to my blog page here without success. I’ve had to get up and walk away from the computer a few times out of frustration, as my anxiety levels started to go way up causing me to get more emotionally frustrated than I enjoy…hahaha! I even managed to get the podcast listed on the Itunes site, and if you go out and look it up on Itunes I think it should be there. At least it is for me when I check for it, anyways. However, either I have made a big mistake during the process or there is something wrong between libsyn and Itunes, because the first episode will not download from Itunes. Thus my desire several times today to throw my computer against the wall! <sigh>

Also, I was trying to correctly use the RSS in my CSS here to be able to download from my page here, and I guess I’m just not Meta clever enough to be able to create/add the right buttons to be able to link this page to my libsyn page. I never imagined it would be this difficult to undertake, but I guess that is one of the reasons why I’ve waited this long in order to attempt the transition from writing to speaking. Soooo….I guess I’ll just have to ask for help from you guys that have been at it for a while. Any advice? Any suggestions? I am open to any advice or suggestions and I can truly truly say any help would be appreciated. I’m going get away from the computer for a while now and watch some movies i think to de-stress and unwind my brain. So in closing….there is a Tom in Thailand episode one out there floating in cyberspace somewhere, but I unfortunately lack the clever mind to direct you toward the “Real Simple Syndication.” Hope to hear from you guys soon!

T.I.T. Video Blog 3

I was to lazy to actually sit down and write a long post, so I thought I’d record a quick video blog to give you guys a little post birthday update. I talk about my exhausting week, ceremonies, and what I’m probably going to do with my upcoming free time next month. Anyways, have a watch and thanks for stopping by as always. I’ll write a post over the weekend so be sure to stop back through for a visit.

Human Pets…

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night depending on where and when this finds you in the world.  Happy Tuesday to one and all and I hope your Tuesday is/was more exhilarating and eventful than mine.  What is it about Tuesdays?  It’s just really that day of the week that sort of drifts by in a haze of routine and we seldom notice it as moves by in passing.  I bet you can’t remember what you did Last Tuesday, right?  We think about Mondays cause most hate it, and when I was young back home Wednesdays were always church night.  Thursday is the early start to the weekend for some, and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday can bring along any number of social or personal experiences depending on how social one might be.

Anyway, I’m getting away from the topic on my mind that i wanted to share with you so I’ll stop my ramblings.  I actually sat down last night and recorded a videoblog about this same topic, but it ended up going 12 minutes long and youtube said the file was to large to upload.  Any ideas from you tech savy readers out there?  I tried several times with no success to upload it so I thought I’d better to just go ahead and write it out before the details of the situation left me.

So, there we were, my partner and I, last Friday night having a bit of dinner at the Greyhound Cafe near our condo when the disturbing event took place.  We went right into the restaurant and were seated immediately at the table next to this group of 3 Thais looking slightly bored of each other’s company.  We ordered our appetizer, meals and drinks and then sort of settled into relax as you do after your dinner orders are placed.  It was about this time that this tall, scantily clad Thai woman comes breezing into the restaurant out of no where and pauses in a model like stance before the table next to ours to receive compliments before she joined them.  This tall glamazon was dressed in a black blouse and tiny matching skirt with heels high enough to make a drag queen dizzy.  However, it was her traveling companion that caught my attention more, surprisingly enough.  This tall woman who had seen way to many episodes of “Sex in the City,” had arrived for dinner with her maid/servant in tow.  This little woman with her comes rushing in behind, with her head lowered carrying the shopping and the evenings wine selection.  She deposited the wine on the table and proceeds to kneel down in the floor next to the chair to receive some orders from the glamazon and off she went again on some errand.  Then she returned moments later with parking tickets stamped in hand, where she bowed her head and kneeled down yet again and was thusly shooed away on yet another errand.   She returned about five or so minutes later with a new fresh bottle of red wine and proceeded to take her place next to her mistress, kneeling on the floor head down.  It was at this point the self important woman leans over, tells her servant how cute she is in Thai and pats her on the head like a good dog.  Yes…you are imaging correctly!  Not only that, but the other woman dining at the table leans over and does the same pat on the head and gives the servant her best condescending smile that made my blood run cold.  Then the maid was dismissed with a wave of the hand, sent off to find her own food elsewhere for dinnner.  I kept making subtle gestures at my partner to see if he was watching this scene unfold, but I didn’t want to be obvious that I was gawking at them.  We got outside later and I asked him if he noticed what had unfolded.  The servant thing hadn’t seemed odd to him, but he did comment that every time the glamazon threw her head back and laughed that her face didn’t move at all.  Seems someone had been dipping into the botox fountain a little to heavily, huh?

This scene from “Gone With the Wind,” got me thinking about the social strata or class structure that still exists here in Thailand and how the social hierarchy is accepted and a part of every day life in Thai culture.  There is such a large sub-class of people in this country that seem to simply accept their lot in life, or perhaps it is because they have never been taught the values of self-worth we adhere to so deeply in most western countries.  The upper class here in Thailand rule with absolute authority and go about their haughty lives without question.  It saddens me really, but this mentality is so ingrained in their culture that I dare not share all my thoughts on the subject on how this mentality is perpetuated.  Some things are just not legal to say.  Anyways, just my little 2 cents and hope you found my little story entertaining and somewhat thought provoking.  If not, please stop by again often and hopefully my writings and ramblings can oblige.
Oh, and before I close out this post, I’m sure you’ve already noticed the new little icon I’ve added to my blog in the upper right.  I’d like to say a very special “thank you” to Pizzababe for inviting me to join the Freak Network.  I’ve been a big fan of so many of the blogs and podcasts over there for so long, and when the invitation came along to join them I jumped at it.  Thanks so much again and make sure you guys go over there and check them out.  Have a great week ahead and see ya soon!