Thailand’s Darkest Hour…

Hey guys!  I know it has been ages, but I thought I should at least sit down and write a bit down tonight and share with you…at least in writing.  The tragic events have transpired on the past few weeks culminated today with the leaders of the protest/terrorist/cult surrendering to the security forces after holding the commercial heart of Bangkok hostage for the better part of 2 months.  The Thai army initiated a massive operation this morning to take back the area rolling over the makeshift barricades with armored personnel carriers.  They engaged the militant arm of the protesters and effectively pushed them back towards the heart of the staging area, where the leaders where finally apprehended and removed from the city entirely.  Then, to put it simply….the remaining protesters then divided up into two groups.  One group seemed relieved to be liberated and the government proceeded to enable them to return to their homes in the provinces.  However, the militant/terrorist side of the group went absolutely berserk with anger and proceeded to demolish, loot, destroy and torch EVERYTHING in the surrounding area.  Firefighters were prohibited from entering the area by armed gunmen and thusly some of the fires burned uncontrollably and raged far out of control.  I just came across an excellent up close video of Central World shopping, the 2nd biggest shopping center in Asia, center as the fires just started to get out of control and thought i would share them with you.  I find it personally disturbing as our condo is just a bit down the road from here, but the reports i’m getting is that our place there is safe….thus far.  Anyway, just wanted to check in with all you guys and let you know I’m safe.  I’m extremely thankful for the first time in many months that I’m miles away from Bangkok now, but my heart and prayers are definitely with everyone i know and love there in the Big Mango.  I”m going to try my best to get my thoughts together and sit down to do a proper podcast episode in the next couple of days and in closing, if you’ve a spare moment in your day….please say a little prayer for the wounded both in body and mind.  The healing process will take a long time.

T.I.T. Podcast Episode 54: A City Under Seige

  • Welcome to episode 54
  • Bad news from the Land of Smiles
  • Red shirt protests turn violent
  • 20 dead and over 800 injured
  • Tear gas, molotov cocktails, rubber bullets, Bamboo clubs
  • Extreme violence from anti-government protestors
  • stolen riot gear and body snatching
  • They set up shop in my backyard on the 3rd
  • worst violence in high tourist areas
  • Khao San Road became a war zone
  • Tourist caught in the middle
  • Tom’s experience yesterday afternoon
  • situation started to look grim
  • BTS sky train shuts down for 1st time 10 years
  • Surprised at lack of coverage on CNN and BBC
  • Leaving the city Tuesday for Hong Kong
  • Always wanted to visit
  • Why do we buy Lonely Planet guide books?
  • Tourist sights i want to see…
  • Disney here i come….special thanks to Joe!!!
  • Computer crashed….AGAIN!
  • Why oh why didn’t I back up my files
  • shout out to Walter from Austria
  • How I podcast….
  • Moving to Pattaya update for Taylor
  • heart warming encouragement from Facebook
  • Rambling closing remarks and lurve for Joe!

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Thai Soldiers vs. the “Red” Mob

Hey guys!  Like i said in the podcast, I was on hand yesterday as the tanks rolled up in front of Siam Paragon in Bangkok only to be over run by an out of control mob of pro-Thaksin protesters.  I think the most amazing thing about the whole event i witnessed was how passive the soliders were considering their vehicles were basically taken over by an angry mob.  Don’t know if it shows strong restraint or inept weakness?  Anyways, here are the videos in case you guys were curious!

T.I.T. Podcast Episode 34: Happy Songkran from the Red Shirts!


•    Welcome to episode 34
•    A very Happy Easter and Songkran to you
•    I wish I had some peeps or a Cadbury egg
•    Was going to discuss Iowa and Vermont, but….
•    Thailand in the News again
•    Anarchy in the streets of Bangkok
•    Tom witnesses a mob vs. tank confrontation
•    Where will the police/military draw the line
•    Society must have law and order
•    Prime Ministers airlifted out of ASEAN summit
•    What about Happy Songkran (Thai New Year) ?
•    Traditionally it is supposed to be…
•    What it has become
•    Dirty water with ice and Talcum powder paste
•    3 days and you can’t opt out
•    Tom has a well stocked fridge and a bunch of DVDs
•    Closing remarks and love to my listeners!

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T.I.T Episode 10: Rain, Rain go Away!

•    Welcome, finally episode 10
•    When it rains it pours
•    It’s football season at home….I miss it!
•    Fashion faux pas on the sky train again
•    Comments, emails, messages…
•    Special shout to my new listeners!
•    Andrea, Laura, and Weegie
•    Remembering 9/11
•    Homeland Security woes…
•    Muay Thai or Kick Boxing
•    Must see place in Bangkok?
•    I finally got to see Mama Mia…
•    Going to the movies in Thailand vs. the US
•    Look, look….a farang!!!!
•    Being on the other side of racism
•    Tom’s take on the protests in Bangkok
•    Quick summary of what’s going on politically
•    The Prime Minister was brought down for what???
•    My partner’s take on Thai politics
•    How I met my partner
•    The advantages of internet dating
•    Closing remarks and love

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T.I.T. Video Blog 7: New Friends and Thai Protests…

Just a quick hi from me and an explanation/apology for not podcasting over the past weekend.  I got some new listener emails and comments I wanted to talk about a bit, and send a special thanks for you guys that sent them.  Also, If you’ve seen the policital turmoil going on in Thailand on the news then don’t worry about me…It is not going on anywhere near where I’m living and most of the protests thus far have been civil and not violent..mostly that is.  Anyway, have a watch and enjoy…will try and podcast again towards the middle of the week.