20 Random TominThailand Facts…


Hey folks! So, I’ve been saying for a while now that I was going to try to get back into the habit of writing regularly.  It is simply much easier than sitting down for a few hours and putting together a podcast.  I freely admit to being extremely….and I mean extremely rusty at writing off the top of my head, so until now, I just haven’t known where to start.

Therefore, my goal is to sit down at least once a week and write something random, yet hopefully interesting, down about myself and my life in Thailand. Therefore, without further ado….here are “20 Random Facts About TominThailand!”

1. I hate onions…always have and always will. I dislike the smell, texture and above all else the foul evil and vile taste of them!

2. I focus on a task much easier if i’m doing more than one thing at a time. I think this might be because I get bored very easily, so if i focus on one task at a time then my mind tends to drift away. So, if i’m engaged in an activitiy like writing this blog post for example, then I’ll most likely be doing 2-3 different things at the same time as well to keep my mind occupied.

3. I’m an extremely self-conscious sensitive person and generally get my feelings hurt much to easily. However, I’m very good at being able to project a false sense of always being very confident and self assured so people don’t usually detect this weakness of character unless they know me well.

4. I love cats…ok, maybe not as much as the infamous Youtube girl but still….and I think dogs are ok but generally very dirty and gullible animals.

5. I hate talking on the phone, and will make the effort to avoid it at all costs by sending emails and text messages to communicate with everyone i know.

6. I listen much better than i speak…

7. I dislike hot weather/climates and I hate to sweat, so thusly i usually end up taking about 3 showers a day…..now you may carefully consider the irony that i’m living in a tropical country where it feels like summer all year long!

8. I’m very lazy person by nature, and will often find the most efficient way to complete a task in order to finish it quickly to allow myself more free time to do nothing productive at all.

9. I find loud noises extremely annoying and will avoid being in close proximity to loud people if i can possibly help it…BUT prefer life in the big city despite the constant buzz.

10. I detest and have absolutely no patience for rude behavior and bad manners…There is really no excuse for poor social etiquette  as good manners don’t cost anything at all…this may have something to do with my upbringing in a “proper” southern home in the deep South of the United States.

11. I am quite sensitive to smells and have a very low tolerance for the ones my mind considers bad ones. Especially!! people with body odor problems…for example, cause me to become nauseaous.

12. I often wander off to the movies alone, and enjoy it immensely…perhaps it’s because I get the whole tub of popcorn to myself.

13. I don’t eat Thai food as often as people probably think…ok, probably once a day, but after having lived in Southeast Asia for a decade now, I find food items like “Pop tarts” or homemade chocolate chip cookies exotic and only eat them as an occasional treat.

14. My brother and I both are left handed and share the same taste in TV shows.

15. I have never thought of myself as an intelligent person, but I find intelligence to be an extremely attractive characteristic in other people…One might say i’m even drawn to them.

16. I have abnormally large personal space issues and get very uncomfortable if people are to close to me.

17. I wear often wear my Ipod earphones in public (planes, buses, trains) when it isn’t turned on to avoid having to talk to people…and also to cut the noise. (see number 9 above)

18. I HATE, ABHOR, AND DETEST waking up early with a red hot passion, and would sleep in till 9AM every day if I could get away with it.

19. I avoid going to horror movies because I’m a big kid inside, and will generally have to sleep with the lights on for days after attempting the latest shock, thriller, or latest Japanese ghost movie.

20. Last but certainly not least, there are few things in life I take very seriously and think most issues people have with infractions against their morality are mostly subjective to experience weighted against personal belief.

Career Oportunities For Bullies…


Why are there bullies in the world?  I have read that bullies act the way they do to get attention, or they are trying to make themselves feel more important by intimidating or belittling others.  They seem to always be able to home in on people they perceive as easy targets or easily intimiated.  I was plagued by bullies all throughout my teen years, and I can remember living through most of my high school years in daily fear.  I often felt so very afraid to go to school, or I would avoid them by walking the long way around the school to get to classes and thus avoiding places where I knew certain bullies might lurk.  I remember one year eating my lunch alone with the teacher in the classroom to avoid contact with them.  Sure, I was different and unfortunately for me there were people perceptive enough to realize my differences even before I did.  I lacked so much self-confidence as all teens do, but that was compounded by the fact that I began to “notice” boys instead of girls.  Other people seemed to sense I was gay, though I didn’t realize It myself till later in my teens.  That coupled with an interest in computer games and Sci Fi made me an easy mark, a geek, or a nerd.  The bullying I experienced was rarely physical, but the psychological torment I endured through my high school years affected me well beyond my eventual graduation day.

However, life goes on and we all grow up.  As an adult do you ever wonder what becomes of those that seemed to delight in the torment of their peers?  I have learned over the years that they are still among us.  Some have fortunately grown up physically and mentally, and most often completely forget the hurt they once caused.  I can remember running into bullies at home and they would speak to me on the street in passing like we were old friends.  Then there are those that never grow out of it.  They move on in life to take careers in law enforcement, managerial positions, and school principles.  Some make life time careers out of making others feel bad or exercising their power over others.  These are the bosses that use intimidation to get what they want, and scoff at others ideas and questions.  Wikipedia defines Bullying as the act of intentionally causing harm to others, through verbal harassment, physical assault, or other more subtle methods of coercion such as manipulation.  Sound like any bosses you know?

Fortunately, I did manage to grow up just the same as the bullies and I’m no longer afraid of their type.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not as strong of a person as I would like to be but I have learned to be proud of who I am, and my accomplishments in life.  I’ve come a long way from the fearful little boy I used to be, and fear no longer paralyzes me when this sort of behavior shows its ugly head.  I have learned to be strong for others, and sometimes you just have to stick up for those you care about in life.  A situation occurred recently and though it was hard, I stood up for myself and my friends.  So if you are out there, and you have been victimized in some way then please know you are not alone.  I promise life will get better!

P.S.  A good friend has started a blog of his own so make sure you go over and check him out!  I’ve also added him to my blogroll so you can check him out anytime, as I hope he will be updating frequently.  Have a great rest of the week where ever this finds you, and remember to never be afraid to stand up to them!