TIT Podcast 66: Go Away Ms. Monsoon!!!

  • Good morning, Afternoon, Evening or Goodnight…(Truman Show)
  • Tom has his groove back..
  • Being wary of things going well
  • Interesting signs in Bangkok taxis
  • Takes a few weeks to settle in
  • How the classes divide up
  • Tom wonders which group he was in?
  • Are you ok, are you ok, are you ok?
  • Feeling fine though, i’m not smiling
  • How to give Tom a complex…
  • Coming down off the moving high
  • Do your moods go up, down and plateau?
  • Movie news:  Fright Night with Collin Farrell
  • 4D cinema experience in Bangkok
  • Like a Disney ride
  • Onwards to Thailand stuff
  • Worst monsoon season in years
  • Severe flooding in Pattaya
  • Hundreds of Crocodiles escape from farm
  • Why the crocs should be afraid more than the people
  • Low point in the tourist season
  • Getting caught out in the rain at just the right time
  • Canals (Klongs) always in the back of my mind
  • Sandbags on standby
  • A little Thai lesson for ya’ll (rain and flooding)
  • Attention straight guys!!!
  • Thai woman strangles baby to fly to party
  • I’ve seen these sort of gals in action
  • Beware, beware, and beware!
  • On a lighter Note
  • Have purchased TominThailand.com
  • Going to attempt to make the site more attractive
  • What does it need?  What would you like to see?
  • Facebook stuffs….why do i need 2?
  • Closing remarks and lurve

Music on today’s show:
กระแซะเข้ามาซิ –Pumpuang Duangjan

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T.I.T. Podcast Episode 36: Go Ahead…As You Do!


•    Welcome to episode 36
•    Lots and lots of rain
•    The rainy season has come early
•    Global warming?
•    I’m not P.C. regarding global warming
•    What’s worse than waking at 6 AM?
•    Tom has never been a morning person
•    Mom used to wake me up with the vacum
•    My mind works better late at night
•    Tom’s first full time job was 3rd shift
•    Most people don’t seem to be night owls
•    Comments and emails
•    A little love from Zilla
•    Sometimes the accent still shows itself
•    I have another friend that strongly dislikes the British
•    Social anxiety
•    Wanting to be social vs. being uncomfortable
•    Old coping mechanisms
•    Alcohol eased the anxiety
•    Tom over did it one to many times
•    I say “As you Do!” instead of cursing at people
•    Picked it up from my dear sweet Ozzie friend
•    Closing remarks and love to my listeners!

**special thanks to Kiko over at Visitronix for the P.S.A.**

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T.I.T Episode 11: What’s That Noise Darling?

Ok, I finally managed to get an episode 11 recorded tonight but not sure it will be one of my best.  I totally forgot to mention the “Designing Women,” clip at the beginning and the brilliant Obama clip I got from the Wanda Wisdom website.  Just love her!  Anyways, hope you guys manage to enjoy it and here are my shownotes:

•    Welcome, to episode 11
•    The rain has finally stopped, or so i thought!
•    Season changes near the equator
•    Tom has a cold….yuck!
•    Comments, emails, messages…
•    Laura and breast cancer
•    I have a new voicemail line thanks to Craig of the Royal Pains
•    My first official voicemail from the BGS show boys…just love them!
•    Please call and leave me a voice message!
•    Tom has big news in the family and his name is Aj
•    Uncle Tom?  Really?
•    Have you ever actually read the book?
•    Reflection on my baby brother being a Dad
•    The noise seems to always be next door
•    Noise pollution in Thailand
•    Inconsideration or ignorance?
•    The strangeness of the silence now
•    More political laughs here in Thailand
•    Just when you thought it couldn’t get funnier?
•    The hydra of politics in a developing Nation
•    Closing remarks and love

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Attetion Spans and Slasher Flicks…

So, It is Monday here on a very soggy rain soaked Bangkok afternoon and I thought I’d sit down and share a few lines for my readers today.  I finished up the last term at work last week, so the first day of my summer holiday has officially come.  I went to the gym today thinking I would attempt to start the holiday off right, but I went to my gym’s branch I hate with the locker room like a sardine can cause it is closer.  However, despite changing in a confined space, I did enjoy a productive session and even bumped into an old friend on the way out.

I was thinking about what I should write for you guys today and unfortunately I kept coming up with a blank.  I’ve just not been feeling that creative or chatty lately and I don’t want to bore you guys by writing just for writing’s sake.  However, I finally thought of a couple of things  I wanted to “put out there” for your consideration and see if I can get some comments back on the topics.  I’d like to get some feedback from you guys on my  blog as far as optimal length of a post. How far down do you read in a person’s blog before you start to get bored?  I have a couple of blogs I enjoy that only do a paragraph or so with each post, but I also enjoy some that go on like the chapters of a novel in progress.  So, what do you think?  What is to long or to short?  How long is the average attention span of an educated adult?  Just some food for thought, and I’d honestly appreciate your feedback and opinions.

Anyways, on to my second thought which is bound to be much more thought provoking.  My questions is…Why do people like gory, slasher type horror movies?  I absolutely hate them, and I’ve had this discussion with a very close friend many times.  We agree that we just can’t work out the mass appeal of blood and guts type works of film.  I made the huge mistake of accidentally sitting down and getting caught up in watching one a while back called Hostel cause one of the actors was quite cute.   It started out looking like one of those cheap 80’s “boobs and alcohol” teen flicks, but it went terrible wrong about half way through the film.  Suddenly, these silly backpacker kids are being abducted, slowly tortured, and cut up into bits all for your viewing pleasure.  I want to know what is the appeal behind seeing a fellow man or woman sadistically or slowly murdered and tortured?  I mean sure…If you are a disturbed serial killer or psychopath then the appeal is obvious, but what about the rest of you?  Now, I’m not that thick because I know that it isn’t real, and that it is all just a story…special effects….blah, blah, blah.  However, my question still stands.  Why would you enjoy a pretend version of a fellow human being being slowly, agonizingly, tortured to death?  I also would like to differentiate between slasher films and scary monster type horror.  I can see the enjoyment out of watching a scary ghost, monster, or evil alien type of film as some enjoy a good shock of adrenalin that comes with the scare.  However, I don’t include slasher films in with this genre.  I still want to know what is the appeal?  I know some of you guys out there enjoy movies like this, so I’m hoping someone can enlighten me.  Well, on that pleasant note, I’ll be off for now.  Hope you are enjoying the start of your week wherever ever you are and will talk to you again soon!

Blame it on the Stars…

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night depending on where and when in the wide world this happens to find you. It is a very cloudy Wednesday morning here in Bangkok and I think the humidity outside must be at about 200%. One of the most unpleasant obligations that many educators have to do is yard or playground duty to watch the kids or welcome parents in the mornings. This morning I had gate duty for 45 mintues, where we are expected to stand and cheerfully greet each and every parent that comes to school. I do my best, but I’m not so good in the mornings and the humidity and heat makes you feel like your fully clothed in a sauna after you’ve stood out in it for a while.

Anyways, I want to get on to my topic for this post before it leaves my mind. So, I came across something yesterday in the Bangkok Post that was just to good to pass up and I wanted to make sure to share it with you guys. I showed this particular front page story to two of my friends yesterday and one burst into laughter, while the other shook his head at the sadness of it all. Yesterday here in Bangkok in a headline story from the Bangkok Post the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was quoted in an interview where he placed all the blame on astrology and the alignment of the stars as the reason behind the current severe political and economic problems facing the kingdom of Thailand.

On Monday, Mr Thaksin blamed the alignment of planets for current economic and political woes. “Be patient until July 2. When Mars leaves, the situation will improve,” he said.


He then later went on to communicate to his parties huge base of supporters that things would start to improve after July 2nd because Saturn was going to move somewhere, and therefore things in the country would obviously begin to immediately start getting better. Now, if that’s not the funniest case of passing the buck, I don’t know what is? However, I see two things wrong with this picture…aside from it being an obvious display of the sad/comical state of affairs with the government here.

Number one, the fact that he’s making these public statements at all reveals who is really pulling the strings in the government here in Thailand. The current ruling administration is working feverishly to amend the newly created constitution of the country in order to edit laws which would make the former premier innocent of his corruption charges. Also, I’d like to remind my readers that it was this very same former leader that the military moved against to remove from power recently, and yet here he his spinning stories in a weak attempt to allay the growing fears and concerns of the public.

Secondly, the percentage of the public that this message is directed towards is sadly a large percentage of the country’s population. The same uneducated masses that voted this corrupt regime into power twice will buy into this excuse for the shortcomings of their politicians, hook line and sinker. Now, I have written before about the lack of standardized quality education outside of Bangkok, and thus stories like these can pass into the public’s conscious as valid explanation and reasoning for events currently unfolding. Sadly, It is in the interest of the upper class here in Thailand to maintain a low standard of education, and thus people will never realize the extent to which they are being duped by those in control. It is sad reality for so many of the people of this country, and my heart goes out to them. Have a great rest of your week and speak to you soon!

Could you take the mirror away now?

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night depending on where and when this finds you in the world.  It is Thursday evening here in the “Big Mango” and I’m relieved that there is only one more day to go till the weekend.  This year the fates have given us a mid-term break in our third term at work, so I’m looking at another whole week of vacation time off work again next week, yet again.  However, I’ve loads to do with my Graduate studies and helping a friend move, so don’t go getting jealous just yet.  We’ve had such a yucky wet week here in Bangkok, and I think it is safe to say that the monsoon season has started early this year in Thailand.  I’ve had the misfortune of getting caught out in the rain each and every day this week coming home from work, and I must tell you that I enjoy getting getting rained on as much as cats do.  The intense storms come rolling through the city like clockwork every day around 4:30, so I’ve managed to arrive home drenched every single day.  Fun times, right?

Anyways, I want to get on with my train of thought I had planned for this post so let me get it underway.  Do you consider yourself to be a friendly person?   Are you good at making new friends?  Do your friends consider you to be friendly and amicable?  Well, believe it or not…I don’t consider myself to be a friendly person.  I prefer my own company most of the time, strangers and new people make me uncomfortable, and I avoid large social gatherings like the plague.  My “real” life personality is not half as friendly as I come across, but a lot of that is just being from the south and raised in a culture of good manners.

I often wish i could learn to be more friendly and sociable but I have such a hard time overcoming my intense shyness.  Unfortunately, this all to often comes across as me just being a snob but nothing could be farther from the truth.   Until very recently I always have used alcohol to overcome my social fears, but my drinking has done more damage over the years than good.  I have found myself not able to interact socially at all now without the aid of alcohol and for the first time in my life I clearly see the problem that it has become.  I have become an alcoholic.  No, I don’t or didn’t drink every day but I am definitely a serious binge drinker.  It got to a point where the alcohol was negatively affecting my personal and professional life, soooooo…..it is time Tom said goodbye to the booze.

Well, that went in a direction I didn’t expect but I’m glad I put it all down just the same.  I don’t think I am at a place yet where i can share more about this issue, but I’ve been trying hard to take steps in the right direction.  I’ve been working out many things in my head lately and I just wanted to share with you and all my readers a little deeper into what makes Tom in Thailand the man he is.  Thanks for stopping by today to have a visit to my blog, and I certainly hope you will come again.  It is usually much more light hearted than this.  Take care and speak to you over the weekend!