T.I.T Episode 14: Halloween with Teeth!

•    Welcome episode 14
•    Happy Halloween to one and all across the globe!
•    Hello to my new listeners: Gunner, Johnny, and Jeff
•    A special hello to my listener Bang Bang
•    Tom’s Halloween special memories
•    The costume I wore and wore again
•    Tom developed an obsession with vampires
•    I played Dungeons & Dragons secretly as a teen
•    Dungeons & Dragons, Ravenloft and “I…Strahd”
•    Tom discovered Anne Rice at the public library
•    The movie adaptations
•    Has Anne Rice gone a bit off as of late?
•    Her gay son and his books
•    Love Dracula, Frakenstein, and the Wolfman in old horror movies
•    Scary movies just aren’t the same anymore
•    Bram Stoker’s Dracula…the movie
•    Oldman played the part superbly
•    Tom loves visual and special effects
•    Inspired me to read the book
•    The costumes and the scene that gave me goosebumps
•    I found the interaction between Reeves and Oldman hot
•    Buffy, Forever Night, Angel, and the Munsters
•    Underworld trilogy
•    I’ve only seen one Thai vampire movie
•    The Rocky Horror Picture Show
•    Closing remarks and love
•    Email or Comment!
•    Please call and leave me a message on my listener line!

Email me at tomnthai@gmail.com, comment or you can call my voice line and leave me a message please.  Trick or Treat and Happy Halloween to everyone out there!

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