TIT 67: The FloodCast










  • Welcome to Episode 67
  • Water, water everywhere and…
  • Where has Tom been on the issue?
  • Overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of it all
  • Keeping TIT light hearted and upbeat
  • Letting you know I’m safe
  • Where I am in relation to the floods
  • International Media pays attention to late…
  • A Natural disaster at a snails pace
  • A Creeping Tsunami
  • The worst flooding in 50 years
  • The evolution of a disaster
  • Keeping the water back to long
  • The making of a perfect “storm”
  • Bangkok residents had a month to prepare
  • Remember that lack of forethought?
  • Panic buyer Items of choice
  • Noodles, water, and beer unavailable
  • 2nd and 3rd wave of panic buying…
  • Politicians bickering over who knows more
  • Bangkok governor vs. National Thaksin party
  • A leader in her Burberry water boots
  • This is why electing competent leaders is important
  • Cracking under pressure isn’t very inspiring
  • Tom wasn’t being overly dramatic about the rains
  • Heart breaking to see the smiles
  • To donate or not….
  • Evil politicians take credit for donations
  • Happened after the Tsunami 2004
  • Mass exodus from the capital city
  • Sacrificing land to save the capital
  • Why save Bangkok?
  • The plan thus far…will the barriers hold?
  • Tom is fine and still no wet feet….for now…
  • Closing remarks and lurve

Music on today’s show:
Time After Time INOJ

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T.I.T. Episode 38: The PrideCast


  • Welcome to episode 38
  • Where has Tom been?
  • Having a cold in the tropics
  • The lost episode and vidcast
  • Tom’s personal life is about to dramatically shift
  • Not looking forward to moving
  • Life in rural Thailand
  • Getting a driver’s license, car, and new Visa
  • Ready to visit Australia
  • Lot’s of comments and emails
  • My first Pride parade
  • Pride in Thailand isn’t in June
  • Lack of adversity = lack of community
  • The commercial gay scene vs. mainstream gay Thailand
  • The stigma attached to dating a foreigner
  • Sticky rice bars and venomous queens
  • How can we ever achieve civil rights when we aren’t civil to each other
  • Why does it have to be this way?
  • Love between 2 people = marrying a goat?
  • All the hate really get’s to Tom…even from this distance
  • We’ve a long way to go!
  • Closing remarks and love to my listeners!

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T.I.T. Podcast Episode 29: Yah but No, but Yah, but No!

Was that Vicky?

•    Welcome to episode 29
•    Mid-term break fitness
•    Tom saw Revolution Road
•    Kate Winslet has that old movie star quality
•    Change of heart about Leonardo DiCaprio
•    When did you wake up and realize you were an adult?
•    My favorite poem
•    Comments and Emails
•    Big Hello to AndrooO over at the Myspace
•    Voicemail from Craig of the Royal Pains and the Freakgeek
•    Kids having babies in the UK
•    Was that Vicky Pollock?
•    Thai teacher’s “special” after school classes
•    Sometimes wrong is wrong
•    Educators MUST follow certain ethical codes
•    Guard yourself against compromising situations
•    Mixed emotions from the peanut gallery
•    Contradictory creatures with double standards
•    Closing remarks and love to my listeners!

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T.I.T Episode 3: Cultural Adjustments

•    Intro & Song:  You Don’t Own Me
•    Welcome to episode 2
•    Comments…or lack of?
•    Last weekend of vacation and work drama
•    Grad School frustrations
•    “No Country for Old Men” with Tommy Lee Jones
•    What is the World coming too?
•    Are things really getting progressively worse?
•    First month of “living” in Thailand wasn’t a vacation
•    My first job as a teacher
•    Quality or standard of living surprises
•    Adjusting and “not” coping…
•    Cultural work ethic differences
•    Small steps of exploration to expand my world
•    My first apartment and the reality of living in a Big City
•    Please comment you guys or email…
•    Closing Song: Teardrop from Elton John

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Wanda just really sums it up…

I just saw this video clip on youtube and thought I had to share it with you guys. I hope you take a little time to have a watch and hope it makes you smile as much as it did for me.  It really burns me up how alot of the opponents to gay marriage go on and on about the so called “sanctity” of marriage, and how “we” have to protect the “sanctity” of marriage.  If that’s true then why aren’t these same people or groups of people standing outside of courthouses all over the US protesting the divorce rates in the country? Why aren’t they spending as much time protesting about drive-through wedding chapels in Los Vegas? How much “sanctity” could these marriages possess when an Elvis impersonator officiates the ceremony?  If you really really held marriage as the sanctified holy institution then where is the consistency?  I’m just tired of my civil rights being an issue for people that it doesn’t affect at all in any way.  I wish those that jump up and down to complain about the government exploring the possibility of providing every citizen with equal rights would just mind their own business. Anyways, enough of my on the soapbox so go enjoy the video clip and see ya soon!

Happy 4th of July From a Patriotic Ex-Pat…

A very warm Happy Fourth of July to you out there where ever and when ever in the world this finds you today. It is an extremely hot late Friday afternoon here in Bangkok, and my 4th of July is just about to start winding down. Now, I have a little confession to make to you guys out there today, and it is one i’m not ashamed to admit. Tom in Thailand is actually an EXTREMELY patriotic person deep at heart, and the sweet 4th of July wishes I received today made me more than a little homesick and nostalgic.

I chose this version of our national anthem to celebrate our country’s special day, as it never fails to give me goose bumps. I know Whitney is beyond tragic at the moment, but she honestly does the best job singing the anthem in my opinion.  I sat here and had a good heart lifting cry listening to it earlier from missing everything that is home. When you live abroad as a foreigner you are immediately labeled as an “ex-pat” or “ex-patriot” which is a label that has never set well with me. It sounds like i was once patriotic, but divorced my patriotism when I made the choice to move abroad. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. I have found that living abroad in a developing country has made me even more patriotic than when I was living at home. As Americans we take a lot for granted, and you only realize that not everyone in the world has the things we have. Imagine growing up in a country without any social services at all…no welfare, no social security, no food stamps. Imagine if you suddenly had to pay a quarter or half a month’s salary to afford to send your child to a school. I’ve seen children packed into an un-air conditioned room writing on the floor cause they don’t even have desks. I’ve seen people living in tin shacks next to filthy ditches and railroad tracks. I’ve seen people who cook, go to the toliet, and shower in the same water filled ditch next to their tin shacks.

When you travel abroad and see these types of things, it makes you thankful for the things you had growing up as an American. However, dont’ get me wrong as I know our country is not perfect, and I’m the first person to agree when I hear a valid criticism. We have our faults, but on this 4th of July far away from home I’m sitting here hoping everyone enjoys their holiday for those who cannot. Watch some fireworks and have some barbecue today for me and all your fellow Americans abroad. I’m missing home something fierce today, and I sure could use the good thoughts! Have a great weekend and speak to you again soon!

Trannies and Evil Ex’s…

Good morning, afternoon, evening, or night depending on where and when in the world this happens to find you. It is an early Tuesday evening here on a steamy, rain drenched night in the Big Mango. So, I thought I’d do a post for you guys tonight. I had a couple of things happen to me right in a row this afternoon that were just to good to pass up, so I had to make sure I sat down and shared it with you before it fluttered away into the recesses of my mind.

I was taking my usual BTS ride home today from work surrounded by, yet ignoring the masses, like i usually do engrossed in one of my favorite podcasts. Except today, across the car a face catches my attention that caused me to subtly take a few more exploratory glances. Down the aisle and across the train was an aging transsexual, who i would have guessed to be in her late 50’s. She was immaculately dressed in a beige tank top, white cargo pants, and she was clutching a fashionable bag close to her body. Now, before i go on, you must understand that normally this wouldn’t be a strange sight for a Bangkok resident. Trannys are common where ever you go in Thailand, whether it be next to you on the train, serving you your dinner, or cutting your hair. They blend seamlessly into Thai society, and thus you stop turning your head to gawk at them after you’ve lived here a while.

However, this tall stylishly dressed aging glamazon I saw today was the spitting image of Burnadette in Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I was immediately reminded why I love Thailand and how I often take for granted the acceptance and open nature of Thai culture. Here was this retired western tranny with her finger nails painted to match her toe nails holding her head high on public transport, and not a single person batted an eyelash. She blended right in with the crowd, and it reminded me of one of the things I love about my life here. Hate crimes or things like “gay bashing” don’t occur here and I can live my life as open as I want without fear of persecution for who I am. Therefore, in light of the situation, I was sort of smiling to myself and thinking happy thoughts as i prepared to come home.

Ahhh, but the story doesn’t end there does it. I got off at my stop and exited the station to do a bit of light grocery shopping at the Villa before I made my way to the condo. I was walking along about to enter the store when out walks one of my ex’s. I looked up, smiled a bit and was about to say hello when he just smirked at me and walked right by. Not a hi, hello or even a kiss my ass! This particular ex was always a bit odd and my friends used to call him the little general as he’s a short guy with a bit of a napoleon complex. We haven’t spoken in years but we didn’t part on bad terms, and It just struck me as rude today how he walked right by and ignored me. I am on really good terms with all my other ex boyfriends, and only this particular one has held onto a grudge for the past 3 or 4 years now. Sooooo……Mr. K…if by chance you happen to be reading this, then I think it might be time for you to get over it! Next time we happen to bump into each other like that, I might just leap in front of you and force a bit of civility no matter how fabulous you might think you are. Keep that in mind, won’t you? Have a good one guys and talk to you later in the week!