T.I.T. Podcast Episode 29: Yah but No, but Yah, but No!

Was that Vicky?

•    Welcome to episode 29
•    Mid-term break fitness
•    Tom saw Revolution Road
•    Kate Winslet has that old movie star quality
•    Change of heart about Leonardo DiCaprio
•    When did you wake up and realize you were an adult?
•    My favorite poem
•    Comments and Emails
•    Big Hello to AndrooO over at the Myspace
•    Voicemail from Craig of the Royal Pains and the Freakgeek
•    Kids having babies in the UK
•    Was that Vicky Pollock?
•    Thai teacher’s “special” after school classes
•    Sometimes wrong is wrong
•    Educators MUST follow certain ethical codes
•    Guard yourself against compromising situations
•    Mixed emotions from the peanut gallery
•    Contradictory creatures with double standards
•    Closing remarks and love to my listeners!

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