T.I.T. Podcast Episode 56: Hot Fun in the SummerTime

  • Welcome to episode 56
  • A Sunday morning in Bangkok
  • Personal catch up episode
  • Hooray! No more weekends in Rayong
  • Almost summer break
  • No down time at all
  • More activities than teaching
  • Tom’s summer plans
  • Someone has a birthday coming up soon!
  • I like birthdays less and less the more I have them
  • Last birthday was atop Central World
  • A friend’s 40th
  • Brits and their ‘theme’ parties
  • The World cup just isn’t Tom’s thing
  • Just don’t enjoy sports…never have
  • American College football being the exception
  • More fast paced in my opinion
  • A visit to Chang Mai?
  • The Rose of the north
  • Different dialect of Thai spoken
  • Different ethnicity evident….more Chinese influence
  • Doi Intanon, the highest peak in Thailand
  • Stunning beauty in rolling mountains
  • Mountains vs. beaches in Thailand
  • The summers of my youth
  • Family vacations = mountains or beaches
  • Always big ‘to dos’ in my family
  • No big travel plans this summer though
  • Moving expenses are HUGE here!
  • Pattaya bound for sure
  • Hopefully only one more year there
  • New room, new class, new neighborhood
  • Not much of a peep out of the RedShirts
  • The calm after the storm
  • Considering doing an episode on Thai flaws
  • Tom doesn’t like to ruffle feathers
  • Fundamental flaws in Thai culture keep it down
  • Do I keep quite or speak up cause I care….
  • A video link from my friend Ken
  • Hello to a new listeners: Tom, and Arizona Chris
  • Go check out Tigger’s new vidcasts
  • Rambling closing remarks

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T.I.T. Podcast Episode 31: Fully Dressed in the Sauna!


•    Welcome to episode 31
•    Sorry about my absence
•    Bangkok Summer has arrived
•    Fully clothed in a sauna
•    Thai kids on summer break
•    LOTS of comments and emails
•    Tom feels so loved
•    The results of Tom’s poll
•    An update on the “move” issue
•    Are some people just to famous to be laughed at?
•    Donna Karen’s non-comical yet funny AbFab moment
•    Speaking of crazy
•    British Man sentenced to 2 years in Prison for being rude
•    Thais and “saving face”
•    Face and “Greng Jai”
•    Closing remarks and love to my listeners!

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Last Day of Freedom…

Howdy folks! Well, I haven’t written to you guys in a few days, so i thought i should sit down and bang out a few words for my loyal readers. It is late on a lazy Sunday afternoon here in the “Big Mango,” and it is the last day of vacation for yours truly. Gosh, Isn’t that just the most depressing feeling in the world? Those last few hours slipping by after you’ve been away from work for a while. Time always seems to speed up on such days doesn’t it? Well, this one has been no exception.

In case your curious, I managed to survive “Songkran 2008” high and dry once again this year. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on the previous 2 posts i made on the subject. I had some really good responses and want you to know i really appreciate your input. The hot Thai summer sun is still baking away outside, but I’ve had the delight of sitting here under my air conditioner for the entire duration of my last day of freedom this afternoon. I’ve been working on my lesson plans for the better part of the last five hours as tomorrow is the first day of the last term this year at work. I honestly think that the worst part about being a professional educator is the planning we have to do, as in most cases it takes up a good deal of our time outside of the classroom. However, I must admit that it will be nice to fall back into the old routine tomorrow.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about something over the past few days that I wanted to share with you guys. I want to talk a little bit about ‘scoffing.’ Have you ever been scoffed at? I think it is one of my biggest pet peaves in life when someone chuckles at another’s thoughts and ideas with contempt and dismissal. I recently had the misfortune of working with a person that would scoff at anything or any idea from someone else. this person thought that their ideas were the only ones in the world with merit and if you disagreed then you would simply be scoffed at regardless of what you or anyone thought. Why do we scoff at one another? I watched a little bit of Fox news over the break, and the “so called” journalists laughed and scoffed at others that didn’t share their point of view. I don’t care if you don’t agree with me on an issue, but just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean i’m wrong. You can see people on both sides of mos issues laughing, mocking, and scoffing at one another but really what does such behavior accomplish? I or you could even possibly wrong about something but if someone scoffs at us how are you going to react? Are you going to listen to them and eat humble pie? No, of course not. You are simply going to turn off and it may even push you further away from issue at hand than before. I don’t know, but i wish people could be better than that and more sympathetic to their fellow men or women. A wise person once told me to never be to proud as there will “always” be someone some where that is bigger, better, and brighter than you.

Well, I think that is enough rambling for today, so i’m going to close this one here. Thanks for stopping by and will talk to you soon for sure!

Songkran Exiles…

Hey folks!  Well, i’ve been sitting here and have tried for the better part of the afternoon again and again to get onto the youtube website without any success at all.  I know I had promised you guys a video clip of the insane holiday madness that is called ‘Songkran’ here in Thailand, and I’ll just have to try again later.   As you are already aware, I’ve no wish to participate in the 3 or 4 day holiday event going on right now when the whole country descends into an anarchy of drunkenness and  water gun fights filled with stagnant klong water.  However, I cannot simply chose to abstain from the festivities going on around me if i venture out in public.  Those of us wishing not to partake in water fights must bunker up in our homes till Sundown when the water fights and festivities end each day.  After that most revelers are to drunk to accost anything but a porcelain throne, but not that I’m bitter old queen or anything.  Do i sound bitter?  🙂

No, I actually don’t mind staying in as I can quite happily keep myself occupied inside all day with writing blogs for you wonderful people, watching movies, or playing WOW.  It is EXTREMELY hot here since April is the height of summer, so you are sweating within seconds of merely walking out the door.  Speaking of movies…I’m sitting here writing and passively watching the movie “Castaway,” with Tom Hanks simultaneously.   I actually watched the tail end of the movie last night  and thanks to the repetitive  nature of movie channels it is on again.  It is ok though, as I really enjoy this film.  I relate to the main character in a way much the same as i relate to Bill Murray’s character in “Lost in Translation.”  I live out my life here in Thailand isolated from the world around me and thousands of miles from my loved ones at home.  Now i know what some of my readers are thinking, and especially one reader in particular.  You would say, “but Tom! remember you choose your life” and “you choose to live in Thailand” and that’s true to some extent.  However, life isn’t that cut and dried.  Do you really think we choose all the important things in our lives such as who we love?  Do you make the conscious decision at some point in time to say to yourself…”Hey, I think I will love this person starting now, at this point in time.”  No of course not.  What would you do if i shrugged my shoulders and said you had to between love and geography?  You should ask yourself how good are your empathy skills?  🙂

So…I sit here in my semi-self imposed exile somewhat by choice and somewhat by fate.  I do miss my home with all my heart, but I also love my partner very very much.  So what choices do I have then?  The U.S. isn’t going to welcome me home with partner in hand anytime soon, despite the progressive nature of laws in other western countries like Australia, Holland, or the U.K. that do treat ‘all’ their citizens equally.  So, until my country reaches a place that grants me equal rights like heterosexual citizens, I will do my best to live positively in the country here that I’ve adopted as a second home.  There will always be things about Thailand that i don’t like or find annoying but who’s to say it wouldn’t be the same anywhere.  Gosh, where did all that come from, huh?  Anyways, much much love to you and thank you so much for stopping through to have a read.  I appreciate the little bit of time you’ve spared and please please don’t be afraid to comment.  Till next time I hope this finds you well, wherever this finds you!