Good News!!!!


Hey guys!  I received some really good news last night and I thought it only right to write a quick post to share it with you guys.  If you’ve followed the podcast & blog for a while, then you will know that Tom hasn’t been home to the U.S. for Christmas in about 9 years.  This year , thanks in no small part to my new job, I decided to make my way back home to Alabama for the holidays.  I also really wanted my partner to join me on the trip to finally visit my home, and also to take the scary step of meeting the in-laws.

Soooo, last month we started the process of trying to get him a tourist visa to visit the U.S. and it was quite an arduous task.  There was a mountain of paperwork needed for him to even apply.  Then, with the knowledge that he might not even get it, we prepared all the necessary documents from here and at home thanks to the support of my family.  He went to the U.S. embassy last week for his visa interview and fortunately for us, it went really smoothly.  It is often difficult for Thai citizens to get American visas due to a variety of reasons and we were more than a little nervous.  However, I’m proud to report that he received his passport back in the mail yesterday with a 10 year multiple entry tourist visa to the America.  I did a little happy dance when I got the news, and now i’m really excited to make the journey home with my partner at my side come December.

I’ll be having a quite weekend here in the Thai countryside, so you can definitely count on a podcast in the next couple of days.  I’m planning to revisit something I talked about in the first or second episode as they don’t seem to be available for download anymore.  A few of you have requested the background of my journey that led me to live in Thailand, so I’ll take some time in the next podcast and talk about the how and the why that brought me to live here.  Sooooo, till the weekend much luv from very wet southern coast of Thailand! 🙂

Happy 4th: Patriotism and the Ex-Pat…

Firstly, let me wish each and every one of my American listeners, friends, and family a VERY happy 4th of July!  I searched around the Youtubes for another version of “the Star Spangled Banner” to use this year but honestly just couldn’t find a better version than this one.  Her voice carries so much power when she sings it and the song has never once failed to move me to tears whenever I hear it.  So please give it a listen and remember there is a very patriotic ex-pat living here in Southeast Asia.

You know, I’ve never been terribly comfortable with the word “ex-pat” and how it is used as such a broad general brush to paint each and every non-native person living within a country.  If anything, I’ve become more and more patriotic each year i live abroad.  I am thankful for the country of my birth and the opportunities in life given to me solely because I’m an American citizen.  I can travel to most countries across the globe with a minimal amount of hassle, where as many citizens of other countries have to endure long and frustrating visa processing experiences.  I was given free education up till the 12th grade, in which I was taught to think independently and question my reality/experiences constantly.  So, no matter how long I’m away or how far I travel, the good old U.S. of A. will always be my home sweet home.  I wouldn’t give it up for anything!  Much love to you guys out there and I hope you have a wonderful 4th!

T.I.T. Podcast Episode 15: Progress and a Victory for Hope!


Is everyone out there still celebrating?  I know here in Bangkok we’re in shock with huge smiles on our faces at the historical significance of this tremendous victory for anyone who has ever dared to hope for something better.  There are not really any show notes for this little T.I.T. cast I did yesterday evening but I had to put together a little something to mark the occasion at the election heard round the world.  I sincerely hope you enjoy and I got some nice emails and even a voice mail so Tom in Thailand will be back over the weekend with a more organized show for sure.

Meanwhile, email me at, comment on the blog or you can call my voice line and leave me a message.  A new age has finally come after nearly a decade of waiting!

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I like the comparison…

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night depending on where and when in the world this may find you. A very very Happy Thursday to you one and all and thanks so much for stopping by to have a visit. I stumbled into the office this morning before 8AM to catch up on some editorial corrections for a friend over the necessity of my coffee, and one of my co-workers came walking in to give me a bright “good morning.” Then purely out of the blue she tells me she’d been watching Ellen and started telling me about this interview with John McCain. So, naturally I came home from work to have a watch. I really liked the comparison she makes at the end of the clip and agree with her. The quite disagreement still feels like being shown to the back of the bus. Anyways, have a quick watch if you haven’t already seen it, and I’ll try to be better at posting over the weekend.