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This is sort of a brain storm i’ve come up with over the holidays, that there might be  one or two listeners(i hope) that maybe be interested in the real life nitty gritty making the trip….what to see?  Where should i stay?  What foods do I avoid? What visas do I need?  How long will it last? Is that the real price for that item…..and so on, and so on.  So thusly, I decided to start penning down my own advice here in a separate page for you guys.  I just remember how totally and completely intimidated, and afraid to be so far from home with a fresh stamp in your passport and a handful of what looks like monopoly money.

Any information i can provide to make your Thai experience more pleasant and enjoyable will hopefully find its way here, so keep an eye on this little corner of the site.  After some consideration I’ve decided the best way for me to be helpful in the laziest way possible is just to provide a list of some of the more useful and common Thai links to resources and information that I know of out there.  I don’t see any point in re-inventing the wheel as far as providing Thai related information so perhaps a list internet resources is the best course.  So….without further ado…here they are:


Thai English Language Newspapers

The Bangkok Post

The Nation

Airlines to get you around Thailand & Beyond

Thai Airways (National Flagship carrier and as a general rule more expensive)

Air Asia (My usual “go to” airlines for cheap flights around the country

Nok Air (a viable option as far as budget carriers go, but they only fly out of the old Don Muang Airport across town)

Bangkok Airways (A mid-range “budget” airlines…have had a couple of nice flights with them, so can’t complain)

Orient Thai (No experience with these guys)

Phuket Air  (same as above…never tried em)

Thailand English Language Expat Forums

Thaivisa Community Forum

Foreign Teacher Forum

Gay Resources in and on Thailand

Thai Gay guide

Excellent Guide Resource

Utopia Asia

3 responses to “Tom’s Useful Thai Links

  1. Hi Tom, I’m Stephen from Folkestone in the UK, I am a regular traveller to Thailand and I’m off there tomorrow. I am going to go south, this will be the first time for me going south, my first stop I have decided on Hua Hin. It looks about 100 odd miles south west of Bangkok.
    I think bus travel is a good bet to get there, I’ll be jet lagged so no scooter hiring for me just yet.
    What do you recommend on how to get from the big airport to a Southern Terminal Bus Station? SkyTrain? Does it take long to get to the terminal from the airport?

    thanks Steve

    • Hi Steve and thanks for visiting the blog. Hua Hin is a nice quite little town, and I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay there. I think a taxi is really the only practical way to get from Suvarnbhumi aiport to the new Southern Bus Terminal (in Thai it is called ‘Sai Tai Mai’). Unfortunately, the airport and the terminal are on completely opposite sides of Bangkok, and it will take you more than an hour to go between the 2 locations depending on the traffic and time of the day you arrive in the city. It should cost you anywhere from between 350-400 baht for the Taxi ride plus the airport surcharge of 50 baht that will be added into the fair. Again, keep in mind that “Sai Tai Mai” it is a ‘relatively’ new terminal, so you might want to reaffirm with the taxi driver that he knows the location once you get going, which is on the Taling Chan highway in Puttamonthon. Then once you arrive at the Southern Bus Terminal, there are frequent buses to Hua Hin departing all day until around 8 or 9 pm. You may want to keep this in mind depending on what time of the day your flight arrives and how long it will take you to clear immigration and customs. Additionally, It may actually be possible to hire a taxi all the way from Suvarnbhumi to Hua Hin for around 2000 baht if you feel so inclined.
      Anyways, I hope this information helps and I’ve found a picture of the sign at the Southern Bus Terminal in Thai for you to print out if you need. Have a great trip and enjoy your time in the South!

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